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The fire hall cabinet is where we keep much of our equipment that we need to keep warm for operations, or we need for meetings. It is on the second floor of the fire hall, on the west wall near the back (north) exit.

[edit] Contents

inventory updated 2018-06-08

  • Top Shelf
  • 2nd Top Shelf
    • Projectors
    • Practice Compasses
  • 2nd Bottom Shelf
    • Inreach Satellite Phone 2 Orange box and Black Box
    • FRS Radio's 7 Clear Box
    • a Blue Incident Management Kit (Overhead Box)
    • GPS 6
    • other stuff not detailed yet
  • Bottom Shelf
    • VHF Radio's 9 Large Blue Box
    • Battery Chargers Color coded with chargers and radios

[edit] To do

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