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[edit] Suggestions with errors


[edit] Suggestions that haven't been reviewed

# Description
2016-02-14 Blood Reserve/Critque/Sug/0006
2016-11-19 Mock Search/Incident/Critque/Sug/0001 11 Add C-collar to stretcher packaging kit
2016-11-19 Mock Search/Incident/Critque/Sug/0002 22 install master switch for batteries in MCP
2016-11-19 Mock Search/Incident/Critque/Sug/0003 33 switch out area lighting with LED for brighter, less power
PCSAR DOC-74 Search Incident Demobilization /
Preplan/Committee/2016-11-15/Sug/0001 11 tabletop between PCSAR, RCMP, PCES to practice assignment of ICS roles
Preplan/Committee/2016-11-15/Sug/0002 22 have preplan meeting re alpine incidents with waterton, alberta parks, SAR, PCES
Preplan/Committee/2016-11-15/Sug/0003 33 recruitment drive for members specifically with alpine skills
Preplan/Committee/Meetings/2021-04-21/Sug/0005 55 List of Alpine people
Preplan/Committee/Meetings/2021-04-21/Sug/0006 66 Discuss urgency with tasking agency

[edit] Suggestions that have something to do, but haven't been assigned to a committee


Suggestions for preplan committee, with something to do, but haven't been rated

# Value to PCSAR mandate Difficulty to implement Description
2021-01-09 Crowsnest Mountain fall/Critque/Sug/0001 11 not rated not rated Prepare a detailed preplan for this type of a mountain rescue which will be readily accessible to search managers and made available to other agencies.
Imagelist 66
not rated
not rated

Turn on sat phone before leaving fire hall and also have someone else drive.
We need to have more instruction for use of sat phone.
Cordless phone had nearly dead batteries.

have corded phone backup
When 2 people are calling they should be in separate rooms so they don't get messages confused.
We need more call out people. Sue. N. to put article in paper to try to recruit new callers.
Call out list should be rearrange and priotized. Brett to reorganize order.
Call out list to have first call # listed first.
SPOT has problems -- can not tell if message goes through
We need to know how SPOT works - call intervals etc. Should get one to meeting and have info session on it.
Had good response. 6 members, 3 quads initially and some available for next day.
We knew lat/long of subject
We should know RCMP boundaries

part of Suggestion 17.
Fish and Wildlife, SRD, Quad Squad could have assisted
Call out didn't have list of search mgr on call

Use 5804.

Preplan/Committee/2014-03-18/Sug/0003 medium not rated Revise Doc 74
Preplan/Committee/2016-04-19/Sug/0001 11 not rated not rated scope becoming rapid response
Preplan/Committee/2016-04-19/Sug/0004 44 not rated not rated arrange direct 911 dispatch info
Preplan/Committee/Meetings/2021-02-16/Sug/0002 22 not rated not rated develop resource list/guide for use of social media
Preplan/Committee/Meetings/2021-03-16/Sug/0001 11 not rated not rated develop Mountain Bike classification for response profile
Preplan/Committee/Meetings/2021-03-16/Sug/0002 22 not rated not rated establish contacts with mountain bike subject matter experts for related searches
Preplan/Committee/Meetings/2021-04-21/Sug/0001 11 not rated not rated no longer charge pcfire task
Preplan/Committee/Meetings/2021-04-21/Sug/0002 22 not rated not rated move to pre-position teams
Preplan/Committee/Meetings/2021-04-21/Sug/0003 33 not rated not rated move Cindy further down on first-call list
Preplan/Committee/Meetings/2021-04-21/Sug/0004 44 not rated not rated outreach to other teams, tasking agencies, FSAR
Userlogin 22 c low easy helicopter not following directions

Search managers should be made aware of spontaneous resources that have history of not following directions.

  • get name of this company

High-value, easy suggestions

# Description Person handling
2013-12-01 Oldman Dam/Critque/Sug/0019 1919 PCSAR should get copies of Koester lost person behaviour book Pat Neumann
2013-12-01 Oldman Dam/Critque/Sug/0021 2121 improve format of IMT note taking
2016-02-14 Blood Reserve/Critque/Sug/0002 22 Send voice RapidNotify first then text & email
2016-02-14 Blood Reserve/Critque/Sug/0015 1515 on-call manager phone forwarding was not up to date
2016-02-21 Pincher Ridge/Critque/Sug/0002 22 Use STARS to find other types of helicopters
Critiques/2010-03-21/Sug/0006 66 orient new RCMP Cindy Mauthe Drake
Critiques/2010-03-21/Sug/0025 2525 Have equipment out and ready Brett Wuth
Preplan/Committee/2015-10-20/Sug/0003 33 encourage snowmobile roster members to add hitch
Userlogin 22 c helicopter not following directions

Search managers should be made aware of spontaneous resources that have history of not following directions.

  • get name of this company

High-value, medium-difficulty suggestion

# Description Person handling
2013-12-01 Oldman Dam/Critque/Sug/0002 22 Develop a policy and protocol with regard to PCSAR taking over a search from spontaneous/untrained searchers.
2013-12-01 Oldman Dam/Critque/Sug/0005 55 Develop a liaison with MD/Emergency Services/Other to secure prompt access to detailed weather information, maps
2013-12-01 Oldman Dam/Critque/Sug/0020 2020 Find other ways of estimating POD of untrained searchers
2014-02-17 South Castle snowmobilers/Critque/Sug/0005 55 Establish a protocol as to who will be notified of a PCSAR deployment and when the notification will take place.
2016-02-14 Blood Reserve/Critque/Sug/0001 11 Find ways to avoid selecting "with PIN" on RapidNotify alert
2020-06-20 Woolford 4 year old/Critque/Sug/0007 77 search teams were sent out without a team leader designated nor a team name assigned, lack of record, clear geography
Critiques/2010-03-21/Sug/0045 4545 develop medical response plan at Command Post
Critiques/2010-03-21/Sug/0058 5858 identify & communicate who's in charge (Incident Commander)
Critiques/2010-03-21/Sug/0059 5959 visible identification (vests?) - responders
Critiques/2010-08-24/Sug/0023 2323 working with EMS, need to get SAR into action faster
Critiques/2011-01-18/Sug8 88 RCMP delayed calling by one day. Presumably expecting to be dead by weather.
Preplan/Committee/2010-05-18/Sug2 22 Improved heating system for SARCAR
Preplan/Committee/2015-10-20/Sug/0002 22 talk to CNP people about availability of expert level sledders for our roster
Preplan/Committee/2016-06-19/Sug/0002 22 policy on solo searches
Preplan/Committee/2017-05-16/Sug/0003 33 Oversee 2017-03-20 Lost Creek Snow Bike post-op Brett Wuth
Preplan/Committee/2017-05-16/Sug/0004 44 oversee 2016-11-13 Haig Ridge post-op Brett Wuth
Preplan/Committee/2017-05-16/Sug/0005 55 oversee 2016-10-20 Lost Creek Hunter post-op Brett Wuth
Userlogin 22 c helicopter not following directions

Search managers should be made aware of spontaneous resources that have history of not following directions.

  • get name of this company

Medium-value, easy suggestions

# Description Person handling
2012-10-02 Mock/Critque/Sug27 2727 urban searching done by vehicle
2013-02-23 Mock/Critque/Sug/0025 2525 should put teams together matched by ability
2013-12-01 Oldman Dam/Critque/Sug/0006 66 Make it a practice to have assisting SAR groups identify what types of resources they are actually bringing
2013-12-01 Oldman Dam/Critque/Sug/0007 77 face-to-face briefing of assisting SAR groups might be the most effective means of getting them into the field promptly
2013-12-01 Oldman Dam/Critque/Sug/0008 88 Encourage a constant RCMP presence at search base for major searches such as this.
2014-02-17 South Castle snowmobilers/Critque/Sug/0010 1010 strive to ensure each snowmobile team is dispatched with 4 members
2014-02-23 CMR skier/Critque/Sug/0010 1010 a clear communications process is created that will allow PCSAR and CMR staff to contact each other especially during after hour times
2014-02-23 CMR skier/Critque/Sug/0014 1414 Canadian Ski Patrol team room next to the Mountain Safety Office have the Missing Person questionnaire available in the event that an initial report is taken there
2014-04-01 Mock/Critque/Sug/0003 33 Use checklist for subject description Brett Wuth
2014-04-01 Mock/Critque/Sug/0006 66 Create segments larger than a trivial search effort
2016-02-14 Blood Reserve/Critque/Sug/0003 33 create documentation to support future needs for coordinate conversion Matt Lynch
2016-02-14 Blood Reserve/Critque/Sug/0007 77 use inReach to mitigate solo searcher
2016-02-21 Pincher Ridge/Critque/Sug/0003 33 issue a team-wide stand-down message
2020-06-20 Woolford 4 year old/Critque/Sug/0001 11 Search Managers need to wear the appropriately coloured vests to be more readily recognized. Norm Keeler
2021-01-09 Crowsnest Mountain fall/Critque/Sug/0007 77 On this search, snowmobiles would have got searchers on site very much faster than side by sides. Skis rather than snowshoes would also have been faster after the end of the road. Brett Wuth
Critiques/2009-05-05/Sug11 1111 Suggest wear reflective vests for urban night search for higher visibility vs normal street clothes. Makes team seem less suspicious when seen by resident in their yard
Critiques/2010-08-24/Sug/0007 77 research best practice for transport of injured subject via truck bed, train to that standard
Critiques/2010-08-24/Sug/0008 88 discuss (formally) with PCES the issues of navigation to call-out sites (for example: on the August 04 incident south of PC, the ambulance missed the directions.
Critiques/2010-08-24/Sug/0024 2424 Consider using back door number to talk to Lethbridge dispatch to avoid long calls of questions
Critiques/2011-01-18/Sug2 22 treat post op as another operational period. Hand off to another manager b/c last manager had completed last op period,.
Critiques/2011-01-18/Sug6 66 Helped with extrication, by 2 members
Critiques/2011-09-06/Sug4 44 critiques being delayed
Critiques/2012-03-04/Sug2 22 confusion of call signs "S1" vs. Segment 1
Critiques/2012-06-06/Sug1 11 complainant gave GPS coordinates but it was not relayed on dispatch ticket and given to EMS
Critiques/2012-06-06/Sug8 88 given situation, STARS should have been put on standby right away
Preplan/Committee/2014-03-18/Sug/0001 11 Contact # for BC added to mgrs. binders for PEP RCMP SAR
Preplan/Committee/2017-05-16/Sug/0002 22 Update First Call List Brett Wuth
Userlogin 22 c helicopter not following directions

Search managers should be made aware of spontaneous resources that have history of not following directions.

  • get name of this company

High-value, hard suggestions

# Description Person handling
2021-01-09 Crowsnest Mountain fall/Critque/Sug/0008 88 It is recommended that PCSAR develop a list of searchers who are trained and capable in Mountain Rescue so they can be called out and tasked more readily. Norm Keeler
Critiques/2010-03-21/Sug/0029 2929 avalanche: briefing "scattered"
Critiques/2010-03-21/Sug/0030 3030 chain of command unclear, adhoc
Critiques/2010-03-21/Sug/0034 3434 accountability process (vehicles, houses, etc.)
Preplan/Committee/2015-10-20/Sug/0004 44 help develop Snowmobile Mountain SAR course
Preplan/Committee/Meetings/2018-03-20/Sug/0001 11 complete 2018-02-23 Ground Blizzard post-op Brett Wuth
Preplan/Committee/Meetings/2018-03-20/Sug/0002 22 complete 2018-01-20 Seven Gates Snowmobiler post-op Pat Neumann
Preplan/Committee/Meetings/2018-03-20/Sug/0003 33 complete 2018-01-07 Tent Mountain Snow Bike post-op Pat Neumann
Preplan/Committee/Meetings/2018-03-20/Sug/0004 44 complete 2017-11-25 Cardston Alzheimer post-op Pat Neumann
Preplan/Committee/Meetings/2018-03-20/Sug/0005 55 complete 2017-09-03 Kenow Fire post-op Matt Lynch
Preplan/Committee/Meetings/2018-03-20/Sug/0006 66 complete 2017-06-03 Pincher Hospital post-op Matt Lynch
Preplan/Committee/Meetings/2018-03-20/Sug/0007 77 complete 2017-03-20 Lost Creek Snow Bike post-op Brett Wuth

Medium-value, medium-difficulty suggestions

# Description Person handling
2013-02-23 Mock/Critque/Sug/0050 5050 All CP notes should be signed and dated; provide standard form to make easier
2013-12-01 Oldman Dam/Critque/Sug/0016 1616 fact sheet of the capabilities of cell phone tracking and the protocols to obtain such information Brett Wuth
2013-12-01 Oldman Dam/Critque/Sug/0018 1818 For complex incidents records are better filed by date than by operation period
2014-02-23 CMR skier/Critque/Sug/0005 55 PCSAR engage in dialog with Castle Mountain Resort (CMR) Mountain Safety Team to review and add a SAR perspective to their missing person protocols
2014-02-23 CMR skier/Critque/Sug/0006 66 PCSAR meet with CMR to determine if a Unified Command would work best in these types of searches
2014-02-23 CMR skier/Critque/Sug/0008 88 Review all current PCSAR avalanche response equipment and training
2014-02-23 CMR skier/Critque/Sug/0009 99 Review Avalanche Response Memorandums of Understanding currently held with CMR and Parks Canada
2014-02-23 CMR skier/Critque/Sug/0012 1212 CMR Mountain Safety Team and PCSAR review the data and determine if there needs to be a specific set of search urgency guidelines for unequipped skiers/boarders who enter out of bounds areas or may be missing in the ski area itself
2016-02-14 Blood Reserve/Critque/Sug/0014 1414 need reference documents and analysis of cell phone tracking practice
2016-02-21 Pincher Ridge/Critque/Sug/0001 11 get GPS location directly from 911
2020-06-20 Woolford 4 year old/Critque/Sug/0002 22 There needs to be a Pre-Plan for the handling of spontaneous volunteers (SV). Lynn Keeler
2021-01-09 Crowsnest Mountain fall/Critque/Sug/0009 99 We need to understand how to communicate with Inreach and/or other two-way capable GPS devices. Norm Keeler
Critiques/2012-04-25 Honda CRV/Suggestions/Sug2/Sug2b 22 b Briefing of spontaneous volunteers did not deal well with how to handle subjects if found
Preplan/Committee/2010-05-18/Sug1 11 update old forms in SARCAR
Preplan/Committee/2016-06-19/Sug/0001 11 Establish procedure to bring PCSAR policy into existing ICS structure when responding as mutual aid.
Userlogin 22 c helicopter not following directions

Search managers should be made aware of spontaneous resources that have history of not following directions.

  • get name of this company

Low-value, easy suggestions

# Description Person handling
2013-12-01 Oldman Dam/Critque/Sug/0017 1717 Important documents such as sign-in/out sheet should be on an easily identifiable clipboard
2014-02-17 South Castle snowmobilers/Critque/Sug/0014 1414 Determine which style of handheld/mobile communications will be best for use during snowmobile activities
2016-02-14 Blood Reserve/Critque/Sug/0016 1616 didn't let local RCMP, PCES know we were out of service Brett Wuth
2020-06-20 Woolford 4 year old/Critque/Sug/0008 88 confusion re two command posts vehicles, relocation: better signage, whiteboards conspicuous ICS chart Norm Keeler
Critiques/2011-01-18/Sug5 55 Fort MacLeod RCMP did not know Pincher Creek has a SAR group. Yearly letter to all detachments.
Critiques/2012-04-25 Honda CRV/Suggestions/Sug2/Sug2c 22 c helicopter not following directions
Critiques/2012-04-25 Honda CRV/Suggestions/Sug6 66 Larger Overhead Team at Beginning of Search The overhead team formed at the beginning of the search was small, and therefore no Family liaison or Scribe assigned, was this necessary to do? Could more members of PCSAR have been brought onto the bus.
Preplan/Committee/2014-03-18/Sug/0002 22 Get copy of questionnaire from CMR Ski Patrol
Userlogin 22 c helicopter not following directions

Search managers should be made aware of spontaneous resources that have history of not following directions.

  • get name of this company

Medium-value, hard suggestions

# Description Person handling
2016-02-14 Blood Reserve/Critque/Sug/0011 1111 Better document suspension process
Preplan/Committee/2010-06-15/Sug1 11 develop strategy for future radio compatibility
Preplan/Committee/2015-10-20/Sug/0001 11 negotiate MOU with Waterton Park Brett Wuth

Low-value, medium-difficulty suggestions

# Description Person handling
2013-12-01 Oldman Dam/Critque/Sug/0003 33 Recognize the exigencies of managing large numbers of spontaneous/untrained volunteers.
2013-12-01 Oldman Dam/Critque/Sug/0004 44 Ensure search segments are clearly demarcated and of a manageable size.
2013-12-01 Oldman Dam/Critque/Sug/0010 1010 PCSAR search managers need to understand the role and function of trained police (as opposed to CSDA) dogs.
Userlogin 22 c helicopter not following directions

Search managers should be made aware of spontaneous resources that have history of not following directions.

  • get name of this company

Low-value, hard suggestions

# Description Person handling
Critiques/2010-03-21/Sug/0044 4444 facilitate vehicle access to search site
Critiques/2010-03-21/Sug/0056 5656 get stuff ready sooner, incl. vehicle

[edit] Other


Resulting from last meeting's discussions, Brett distributed "operating profile" documents for Snowmobile and Traffic Control. The points were discussed in detail. The value of such operating profile documents was agreed. We will try to do a new one each meeting preparing for the likely activities in the season ahead.


to do: Brett to bring examples of profiles

Other action items of Preplan Committee.

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