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Task/List/Chair training committee meetings +Brett Wuth  +
Task/List/Complete paperwork after grant-funded courses +Dick Burnham  +
Task/List/Develop a plan of monthly meeting training subjects +Brett Wuth  +
Task/List/Liaise between Board and Training Committee +Brett Wuth  +
Task/List/Maintain tentative course schedule +Brett Wuth  +
Task/List/Oversee training committee members +Brett Wuth  +
Task/List/Prepare 2016 SAR Basics financial plan +Susanna MacGarva  +
Task/List/Promote upcoming training +Alieza Cyr  +
Task/List/Record description of our training events +Brett Wuth  +
Task/List/Regain control of PCSAR's Facebook page +Rose Bonertz  +
Task/List/Run grant-funded courses +Brett Wuth  +
Task/List/arrange food for monthly training meetings +Yvonne Cyr  +
Task/List/book 2013-11-12 train cmte mtg +Brett Wuth  +
Task/List/determine 2013-2014 training budget +Yvonne Cyr  +
Task/List/determine disposition of extra 2013-2014 grant funding +Brett Wuth  +
Task/List/facilitate 2013-2014 ATV course +Yvonne Cyr  +
Task/List/facilitate 2013-2014 Avalanche course +Brett Wuth  +
Task/List/facilitate 2013-2014 Wilderness First Aid course +Brett Wuth  +
Task/List/facilitate helicopter course +Brett Wuth  +
Task/List/get POC numbers for training events and meetings +Alieza Cyr  +
Task/List/recruit training committee members +Brett Wuth  +
Task/List/set date for 2014 SAR Fundamentals +Brett Wuth  +
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