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A training session is planned for Shell and PCSAR personnel to give them an orientation to the Shell-PCSAR H2S protocol.


[edit] Learning objectives

(compare with the training requirements identified under the protocol)

Shell and PCSAR personnel would understand

  • what the protocol is
  • how it was developed
  • how Shell would use SAR
  • the expectations of SAR personnel if they were put in field truck
  • who takes leads in various circumstances
    • door knocking
    • road blocks
    • search

The session would further

  • identify issues that haven't been thought of

[edit] Instructors

  • Brian, Brett, someone from Shell (Bill or Jim)

[edit] Length

current estimate: 45 minutes

[edit] Possible dates

  • April 2 has been floated. It conflicts with planned and announced training.
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