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[edit] History:

2004-03-07 Pat: After incident 2004-03-07 of road block during wind storm Need a preplan for manning road block. His history is that people on highway try to run the roadblock.

Volker Stevens is offering PCSAR flagman training at no charge. Contact: Wade O'sollivan 553-4225. certification to Alberta Construction Safety Standards. 2 hour course.

Concern: ACS standard requires certifyees to always wear white cover-alls, orange hard hat, red vest.

[edit] Tasks:

  • propose Standard Operating Procedures on how we perform road blocks
  • Janet will provide to Russell for Resource Binder an emergency phone number for Volker Stevens which will get us a foreman at any time.

[edit] Completed Tasks:

  • Determine whether ACS standard will place inappropriate burden on our members. (ignored, use RCMP provided training)
  • recommend what training some or all PCSAR members should have (done see PCSAR Doc-96-Traffic)
  • propose protocols for when and how PCSAR should be asked to do road blocks (referred to Board)
  • recommend what equipment PCSAR should have or have access to (done see PCSAR Doc-96-Traffic)

Brett Wuth, 2004/08/17 23:41 MST (via web): Janet reported that ACS certification would require us to always wear white cover-alls, an orange hard hat, and a red vest. She recommended that we not seek ACS certification, but get training through another organization. Janet will contact the RCMP to see if they could train us. The RCMP have plenty of experience with road blocks.

Brett Wuth, 2004/10/05 15:56 MST (via web): Janet has discussed Road Block training with the RCMP. They are concerned that if they train us, they may be liable if an injury occurs. We need to train for what we do, which isn't the full flagman job. We need to training for containment road blocks.

Brett Wuth, 2004/10/06 12:07 MST (via web): Janet is in discussion with RCMP Cpl Sorenson to have approximately 45 minute orientation on a meeting night. They will also discuss legal issues in gathering information about people passing through a stop.

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