SAR Fundamentals/Assigned reading


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[edit] Assigning

[edit] Material covered

assign reading
distribute communications handbook

[edit] Time alloted

0.25 hr

  • 2011-02 11:30-11:33: 0.1h

[edit] Aids

[edit] Readings

The following material is to be studied by the students between the two weekends.

ICS 100

bring certificate

Survival and Body Mgmt., & Fitness

assigned reading
otherwise 0.5h

clothing, personal protection, & Personal Equip

assigned reading
otherwise 0.8h

Field Health and Hygiene

assigned reading
otherwise 0.5 hr


otherwise 0.5 hr


Inland Water Search

assigned reading
otherwise 0.5hr

SAR resources and technology, & Power Tools

assigned reading
otherwise 0.5 hr

Urban SAR

assigned reading

First Aid

assigned reading
but also presentation

[edit] Review

1.0 hr - 18:30-19:30

  • 2011-03: 18:35-18:59: 0.4 hr
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