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[edit] Subject

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Identifying location using UTM on a map.

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Brett Wuth

[edit] Scope

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This lesson is an introduction to Navigation for SAR Fundamentals students. It is part of a larger 8 hour series of lessons.

SAR Fundamentals Manual: Ch.13 "Navigation"
Basic SAR Skills Manual: Ch.7 "Navigation"

[edit] Objectives

At the conclusion of this lesson the participants:

  1. will be able to ...

[edit] Time Plan

Total Time: 30 minutes

Time Material


3 min

Introduce topic title

Introduce Instructor

Present Objectives


What is UTM?

Why use UTM?

  • Zones

  • Northing

  • Easting

  • sequence: Zone, Easting, Northing

  • 13 digit

  • reading on map

  • visual estimate

  • roamer

  • 6 digit

  • using roamer

  • map datum

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[edit] Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Where are the meridians for zones 11U and 12U?

A: Each UTM zone is 6 degrees wide.

  • The boundary between Zone 11 and Zone 12 is at 114 deg W, which is just west of Pincher Creek.
  • The West boundary of Zone 11 is at 120 deg W, which is halfway between Osooysis and Princeton.
  • The Central Meridian of Zone 11 is at 117 deg W, which is between Creston and Salmo.
  • The East boundary of Zone 12 is at 108 deg W, which is just west of Swift Current.
  • The Central Meridian of Zone 12 is at 111 deg W, which is between Bow Island and Medicine Hat

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