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Consumables needed for each SAR Fundamentals running

(see master list)

[edit] Order, gather

  • print certificates (as of 2016 SAR Alberta no longer prints)
  • arrange snacks and/or lunches (Admin support)
  • order text books (as of 2016 order through SAR Alberta, now takes up to 1 month to arrive) (Admin support)
  • order maps
  • order improved instructional material

for SAR Fundamentals/Survival

  • Trip Plan pamphlets

[edit] Shopping, gathering

  • flip chart paper 27" (24"?) x 36"
  • buy incentives (e.g. Halloween candy)
  • name place cards (tent cards)
  • whistles

for SAR Fundamentals/Navigation, part 1

  • check/get index cards
  • pencil for each student
  • map quality eraser for each pair

[edit] Printing

  • print course schedules for instructors
  • monitor for each day
  • review for each day
  • lesson plan for each section

for SAR Fundamentals/Introduction:

for SAR Fundamentals/Incident anatomy Forms: (copies for each student + instructors)

  • get printer to collate so I don't have to do it manually
for i in {1..2}; do lpr Doc-001-search-urgency.pdf Doc-29-incident-review.pdf Doc-061-task-assignment-and-debriefing.pdf Doc-062-registration-sign-in.pdf doc-067-emergency-call-out-procedure.pdf doc-069-GPS-set-up-and-maintenance.pdf doc-080-incident-notification-process.pdf Members_Doc-086-briefing-handout.pdf; done

for SAR Fundamentals/Ready Pack

for SAR Fundamentals/Navigation instruments theory

  • copy for each student of local street map
  • (in initial package) copy for each student of PCSAR Doc-69 “GPS - Set-Up and Maintenance
  • copy for each student of outside exercise sheet, adapted to locale

for SAR Fundamentals/Compass practical and pacing

for SAR Fundamentals/Assigned reading

for SAR Fundamentals/Search skills and compass practical

for SAR Fundamentals/GPS practical

for SAR Fundamentals/Communications

for SAR Fundamentals/Briefing debriefing

for SAR Fundamentals/Tracking

for Review

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