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Hi All,

Thank you for agreeing to help out with the SAR Basics course this year.

This e-mail is a general overview.

The course details are all on Pincher SAR's wiki:

Click on this year's course listed under the "Runnings" section.

The "Booking" section shows the start and end time of each day and where the course is run.

The "Agenda" has a link that will take you to the detailed schedule for each day.

Your name will be beside the modules that we're asking you to help present. If there are any other modules you'd like to help with, let me know.

Each module has a link to instructional support material for that module.

As much as possible we try to make our training materials public so they are easily accessible and can be used by other SAR groups.

However we do also keep training materials that because of copyright can't be made public. You'll need to sign into the wiki to access those materials.


If you are a member of PCSAR or the CRG, you already have an account. You just need to follow the instructions above to access it.

If you aren't a member, we can set you up with a "Trusted Guest" account. If you've helped out in previous years, you probably already have one. Otherwise let me know, and we can set you up.

Alternatively you can ask me to send you the material off the wiki. But it's probably not going to be as organized and useful as if you access it yourself.

The instructional support material for each module includes:

  • a copy of the relevant chapter of the textbook
  • a copy of the slides (powerpoint) from ERI Canada

For those of us that have taken the ERI SAR Basics/Fundamentals Instructor's Course, you'll know that's really all that instructors are supplied with. But we've continued to enhance our instructional materials. You should also find:

  • A lesson plan (rudimentary for some modules, well-developed for others)
  • Additional slide decks, customized or original
  • Hand-outs
  • Exercise designs

Each section includes a "Question Bank". These are questions that the students will be randomly asked in a written review the next day. The same questions are used in a "monitor" which is given to the student at the start of the day before a presentation, to help assess whether the students have absorbed the material. Please review the Question Bank. If there's questions you'd like to add, go ahead and do so, or let me know. Same if there's questions you'd like to change or delete.

Much of the material is stuff you or other presenters developed for previous runnings of the course. If you make improvements, please upload them or e-mail them to me to do so.

At the classroom we'll have the usual supplies: computer projector, audio, DVD player, flip chart, even an overhead projector for somethings that are easier to illustrate with transparencies. There is no Internet in the classroom. I'll bring my laptop and have on it all the "standard" slides we use. It doesn't have a remove control. If you want to use any other material, please let me know several days in advance, or better yet bring your own laptop. The projector works with both HDMI and the older VGA computer video cable. Sound has to be from audio out of your laptop.

If you want more material for your section than what is on the wiki, let me know and I'll help you out.

You'll see that the schedule has some long stretches of sitting, which isn't good for adult learners. If you can spice your section up with something that gets them moving, please do so. We've started a collection of instruction techniques for adults:

We pay our presenters, exercise facilitators and aides a modest fee. Please keep track of your time in preparation before the course, time at the course, and time in clean up. Also track your mileage. If you have any printing expenses or supplies, we'll cover that too. Please submit your expenses to our Administrator <>.

Lunches are provided to everyone at the course. Let us know if you have any food allergies.

Finally, could you please take a look at the bio we have for you and update it as appropriate:

Thanks again for all your help. It looks to be a great course.

-- Brett

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