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Over the years we've evolved requirements for our schedule.

  • The mock search (Evening 5) be on a day that is during standard time (not daylight savings) so that a night search experience can be generated. Or base on time of sunset, comparing with previous courses.
  • The course be run as two weekends (Fri-Sun) to minimize the number of conflicts the students have to schedule around.
  • None of the weekends are long weekends. People tend to be away.
  • The weekends are not back to back, to allow the instructors to recuperate.
  • The weekends are not more than 3 weeks apart to keep the learnings fresh in the students minds.
  • schedule first weekend at least 1 week after regular training night in month to allow last minute registrations
  • plan to have two days of "burn-out" after each weekend.
  • check phase of the moon for mock search
  • verify availability of instructors and people to organize mock search
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