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Following on the Pitcher search there was a broad discussion on the need for snowmobilers. We need to be able to deploy 6 expert-level mountain sledders. Assuming 50% availability, we should have a roster of 12. Intermediate sledders need to be able to look after themselves in self-sufficient teams. Generally it is counter productive to combine expert and intermediate sledders in the same team. It would take two years of weekly aggressive off-trail mountain snowmobiling to develop an expert-level mountain sledder.

Old skills are still good. Former sledders (e.g. Roy) can be expected to perform at their former skill level if a snowmobile is provided.

[edit] There are non-SAR member expert sledders in the area

  • Jack Daignault
  • James Kenny
  • Roy Reed
  • Jim Baird (ski hill)
  • Brock Smith (CNP)
  • Doug and Brenda Beer (Lethbridge).

It is difficult to keep them involved in SAR. Perhaps a special role should be developed for them:

  • SAR involvement limited to snowmobile incidents
  • no SAR Fundamentals
  • avalanche course
  • course in 24-hour self sufficiency

[edit] Ideas for recruiting members and resources

  • work with the CNP snowmobile club
  • advertise
  • poster at ski hill, lethbridge
  • fax to dealers

There needs to be a way to rate the skills of new members/resources.

Eric agreed to take the lead in developing specific recommendations in this area.

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