Members:Critiques/2012-04-25 Honda CRV/Suggestions/Sug6


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 Members:Critiques/2012-04-25 Honda CRV/Suggestions/Sug6

Description  Larger Overhead Team at Beginning of Search The overhead team formed at the beginning of the search was small, and therefore no Family liaison or Scribe assigned, was this necessary to do? Could more members of PCSAR have been brought onto the bus.

Difficulty to implement  easy

Full page name  Members:Critiques/2012-04-25 Honda CRV/Suggestions/Sug6

Sequence number  6

Value to PCSAR mandate  low

Committee handling  Suggestion/Committee/List/preplan +

Suggestion list  Critiques/2012-04-25 Honda CRV/Suggestions +

Categories  Committee preplan +, Difficulty easy +, Suggestion +, Value low +


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