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Description  Turn on sat phone before leaving fire hall and also have someone else drive. , We need to have more instruction for use of sat phone. , Cordless phone had nearly dead batteries. have corded phone backup , When 2 people are calling they should be in separate rooms so they don't get messages confused. , We need more call out people. Sue. N. to put article in paper to try to recruit new callers. , Call out list should be rearrange and priotized. Brett to reorganize order. , Call out list to have first call # listed first. , SPOT has problems -- can not tell if message goes through , We need to know how SPOT works - call intervals etc. Should get one to meeting and have info session on it. , Had good response. 6 members, 3 quads initially and some available for next day. , We knew lat/long of subject , We should know RCMP boundaries part of [[Members:Critiques/2009-09-23/Sug17|Suggestion 17]]. , Fish and Wildlife, SRD, Quad Squad could have assisted , Call out didn't have list of search mgr on call Use 5804.

Difficulty to implement  not rated, done

Full page name  Members:Critiques/2009-09-23

Sequence number  6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18, 19, 21

Value to PCSAR mandate  low, not rated, none

Committee handling  Suggestion/Committee/List/equipment +, Suggestion/Committee/List/training +, Suggestion/Committee/List/call out +, Suggestion/Committee/List/membership +, Suggestion/Committee/List/board +

Categories  Committee board +, Committee call out +, Committee equipment +, Committee membership +, Committee preplan +, Committee training +, Difficulty done +, Difficulty not rated +, Suggestion +, Value high +, Value low +, Value none +, Value not rated +


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