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? hours

Assigned to

Susanna MacGarva

[edit] Rationale

[edit] Details

Susanna, Igor,

Can you please a financial plan (draft budget) for the SAR Basics course we are running in October and November?

Because I'm one of the principal people being paid out of this, I'm in a conflict of interest. So I shouldn't be approving the plan. Therefore I suggest that Susanna do most of the planning work and Igor provide oversight on behalf of the board.

I'd certainly be willing to contribute thoughts towards the plan. I'd suggest taking a look at the plans from previous runnings of the course:


You might have to step back to a few courses ago to see things in full detail.

Susanna has been struggling to fix up the details from the last course and get everyone paid, over a year and half later, because the decisions that were made were never written down and saved anywhere. I *strongly* recommend that not happen this time. I suggest the details be recorded on the wiki.


Brett Wuth, President, Pincher Creek Search and Rescue
pcsar@castrov.cuug.ab.ca  Tel:+1-855-727-6825  http://pcsar.webhop.org
Box 1705, Pincher Creek, Alberta, T0K1W0, CANADA

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