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[edit] Booking

Meeting location, date, time and duration.

[edit] Participants

List who should participate and indicate for each person whether they've been invited, have confirmed or declined, and attended.

[edit] Agenda

Purpose of meeting or detailed agenda.

[edit] Handouts

Any related documents distributed before or during the meeting.

[edit] Minutes

Rough notes or formal minutes of the meeting.

  • Minutes
  • ACTION(Brett): process membership database
  • ACTION(Matt): delete D4H activities from 2016 that have no recorded attendance
  • completed: Add to notification at end of D4H processing.
  • ACTION(Matt): Buy laptop.
    • looked at a few, no decision yet
    • use MS-Windows for familiarity of all users
    • probably will have laptop have no network connectivity for security and stability
  • ACTION(Brett): move PCSAR server.

[edit] Expenses

Receipts related to the meeting.

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