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This is the documentation for the template Template:Committee suggestions

Template:Committee suggestions/Doc:
Related Templates
Committee suggestions Report of suggestions for a committee
Committee member suggestions Report of suggestions for member of a committee
Critique report/Suggestion Link to a suggestion within a critique report
Critique report/Suggestion list List of suggestion numbers that have been assigned to a committee in the current critique report
Suggestion Record a suggestion for improving SAR
Suggestion/Page subst: a boilerplate for a new suggestion page
Suggestion number a suggestion relative to the current page
Suggestion list list of suggestions relative to the current page

The template {{Committee suggestions|committee|heading= ==}} produces a report of the suggestions for the specified committee.

committee name.
(optional) the number of equal signs to use in the headings.

To see how this template is implemented, edit this page and examine the portion between <includeonly> and </includeonly>.

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