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Link/Create Create from template
Link/Desc Use page's description
Link/Create+Desc Combine Link/Create and Link/Desc
Link Default; same as Link/Desc

The template {{Link/Create|Page|Text|Desc=description|Preload=boilerplate|Editintro=intro}} is used to create a link to a page.

the page to link to
(optional) the text to display as the link
(optional) When Page does not exist, following the link will create it with the page boilerplate already loaded into the editor. Should not include spaces - use _.
(optional) When Page does not exist, following the link will display the page intro before the edit window rather than the normal instructions. Should not include spaces - use _.

With this template rather than just dumping you into a blank editor if you follow a link to a page that hasn't been created yet, Preload can be used to give the editor some initial boilerplate text. As well, Editintro can be used to give some specific instructions on how to change the boilerplate.

For illustration purpose, the following demonstration pages have been set up:

You type... You get...
{{Link/Create|Demo/Does not exist|Preload=Demo/Boilerplate|Editintro=Demo/Editintro}} 
Demo/Does not exist
{{Link/Create|Demo/Does not exist|Preload=Demo/Boilerplate}} 
Demo/Does not exist
{{Link/Create|Demo/Does not exist|Editintro=Demo/Editintro}} 
Demo/Does not exist
{{Link/Create|Demo/Does not exist|this page|Preload=Demo/Boilerplate}} 
this page
{{Link/Create|Demo/Does not exist||Preload=Demo/Boilerplate}} 
Demo/Does not exist
{{Link/Create|Main Page|this page|Preload=Demo/Boilerplate}} 
this page
{{Link/Create|Main Page||Preload=Demo/Boilerplate}} 
Main Page

[edit] Implementation

Helper templates:

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