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[edit] Booking

When was this meeting scheduled? GoToMeeting invitation?

[edit] Attendance

Who attended this meeting?

  • -
  • -
  • -

Date of next meeting?

Who is going to be the next rotating chair of the committee? That's from the end of this meeting until the end of the next meeting.

[edit] Operational Readiness

looking ahead as far as the next scheduled meeting.

Manager on call. Who is the manager for this month? Next month? Etc.

Personnel. Are there any periods when we're likely to be short of personnel? Searchers, sledders, call-out, managers?

Equipment. Is there any equipment that is out of service? Is any new equipment coming into service?

Search likelihood. What are the most likely search scenarios coming up? Any reminders on how we want to respond?

[edit] Incidents

List incidents that happened since the last meeting. If an incident summary has not already been prepared, take notes. If the incident has not been closed, create an action item for them in the suggestions below.

[edit] Actions

  • schedule any critiques outstanding on recent incidents
  • review outstanding post-op activities on recent incidents
  • reports from any members completing assigned activities
  • Review committee members' assignments.
    • Remind each committee member what they've been assigned.
    • Give a high priority suggestion to any committee members with no other assigned activity.
  • prioritize suggestions on any recent critiques
  • substantive discussion on one item

[edit] Suggestions

List suggestions for future actions that came up during this meeting.

#SuggestionReferred to
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