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This is the documentation for the template Template:Suggestion number

Template:Suggestion number/Doc:
Related Templates
Committee suggestions Report of suggestions for a committee
Committee member suggestions Report of suggestions for member of a committee
Critique report/Suggestion Link to a suggestion within a critique report
Critique report/Suggestion list List of suggestion numbers that have been assigned to a committee in the current critique report
Suggestion Record a suggestion for improving SAR
Suggestion/Page subst: a boilerplate for a new suggestion page
Suggestion number a suggestion relative to the current page
Suggestion list list of suggestions relative to the current page

The template {{Suggestion number|number}} references a suggestion relative to the current page.

If the suggestion has been filled out, it is displayed.

If the suggestion has not yet been filled out, a link is displayed to a subpage for the numbered suggestion. The editor will include the Template:Suggestion/Boilerplate for creating the new suggestion.

The calling page is added to Category:Suggestion compendium so it will not duplicate the suggestions it quotes.

[edit] Supporting templates

To see how this template is implemented, edit this page and examine the portion between <includeonly> and </includeonly>.

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