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The template {{Template doc|argumentlist|template description}} creates the first line of template documentation. It's intended to be used on /Doc subpages as set up by the Template:Documentation.

The text displayed is:

The template {{templatename|<argumentlist>}} <template description>

When displayed on /Doc subpages, the word "template" links back to the template itself.

argumentlist and template description are both optional.

If you use the following examples on your own page, instead of {{Doc... you will get the name of your template.

You type... You get...
{{Template Doc||does nothing interesting}} 
The template {{Template doc}} does nothing interesting
{{Template Doc|pagename|does nothing interesting}} 
The template {{Template doc|pagename}} does nothing interesting
{{Template Doc|<nowiki>pagename1|pagename2</nowiki>|does nothing interesting}} 
The template {{Template doc|pagename1|pagename2}} does nothing interesting
{{Template Doc| <nowiki>pagename1|pagename2</nowiki> |can have leading/trailing spaces}} 
The template {{Template doc|pagename1|pagename2}} can have leading/trailing spaces
{{Template Doc|<nowiki>arg=value</nowiki>|does nothing interesting}} 
The template {{Template doc|arg=value}} does nothing interesting
{{Template Doc|pagename}} some more text 
The template {{Template doc|pagename}} some more text
{{Template Doc}} some more text 
The template {{Template doc}} some more text
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