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These tasks and suggestions have been referred to the Training Committee.


Suggestions for training committee, with something to do, but haven't been rated

# Value to PCSAR mandate Difficulty to implement Description
2012-10-02 Mock/Critque/Sug1 11 not rated not rated Didn't know notes were in C.P.
2012-10-02 Mock/Critque/Sug10 1010 not rated not rated Jeff (RCMP) willing to help with training
2012-10-02 Mock/Critque/Sug13 1313 not rated not rated Recommend first aid review
2012-10-02 Mock/Critque/Sug15 1515 not rated not rated Need instructions on driving the MCP
2012-10-02 Mock/Critque/Sug28 2828 not rated not rated use of dog in urban search; can handle large area
2012-10-02 Mock/Critque/Sug29 2929 not rated not rated the search segment was too large to be searched
2012-10-02 Mock/Critque/Sug30 3030 not rated not rated need training on radio protocol
2012-10-02 Mock/Critque/Sug31 3131 not rated not rated Exercise felt disjointed; RCMP usually are involved earlier in incident
2012-10-02 Mock/Critque/Sug33 3333 not rated not rated Teams in field should stick to assigned tasks, refer back to CP with changes.
2012-10-02 Mock/Critque/Sug35 3535 not rated not rated Need clarity when 2 teams come under one team leader
2012-10-02 Mock/Critque/Sug36 3636 not rated not rated technology always fails; e.g. radio, cell
2012-10-02 Mock/Critque/Sug5 55 not rated not rated weather limited ability to track
2012-10-02 Mock/Critque/Sug8 88 not rated not rated It was not clear what operational activities should be simulated, e.g. medical/stretcher equipment
2012-10-02 Mock/Critque/Sug9 99 not rated not rated exercise should change size depending on number of teams available
2013-02 SAR Fundamentals/Suggestions/Sug/0001 11 not rated not rated training practice on fire starting
2013-02-23 Mock/Critque/Sug/0003 33 not rated not rated no response from CP after subject found (shut down radio)
2013-02-23 Mock/Critque/Sug/0004 44 not rated not rated had good crisp radio traffic
2013-02-23 Mock/Critque/Sug/0007 77 not rated not rated using "debrief" instead of critique term
2013-02-23 Mock/Critque/Sug/0008 88 not rated not rated training in SAR Fund class didn't prep for packaging
2013-02-23 Mock/Critque/Sug/0009 99 not rated not rated need more familiarity with equipment and procedure re rescue sleigh
2013-02-23 Mock/Critque/Sug/0014 1414 not rated not rated searchers should have redundant light source
2013-02-23 Mock/Critque/Sug/0016 1616 not rated not rated personal GPS was new, didn't know how to use, therefore wasn't useful
2013-02-23 Mock/Critque/Sug/0017 1717 not rated not rated we need to keep our GPS skills fresh
2013-02-23 Mock/Critque/Sug/0020 2020 not rated not rated should read briefing handout, will give extra information required
2013-02-23 Mock/Critque/Sug/0022 2222 not rated not rated TL should ask early about medical conditions of team members
2013-02-23 Mock/Critque/Sug/0023 2323 not rated not rated Team members should self identify medical issues
2013-02-23 Mock/Critque/Sug/0024 2424 not rated not rated don't be macho about abilities, be honest about limitations
2013-02-23 Mock/Critque/Sug/0026 2626 not rated not rated Training opportunity was awesome
2013-02-23 Mock/Critque/Sug/0027 2727 not rated not rated scope of experience, capability, practice of non-students was not clear in training exercise
2013-02-23 Mock/Critque/Sug/0028 2828 not rated not rated good to split up experienced people
2013-02-23 Mock/Critque/Sug/0029 2929 not rated not rated was realistic area for mock
2013-02-23 Mock/Critque/Sug/0030 3030 not rated not rated rabbit switching snowshoes on and off was realistic
2013-02-23 Mock/Critque/Sug/0031 3131 not rated not rated one person in running shoes
2013-02-23 Mock/Critque/Sug/0032 3232 not rated not rated people tired not using searcher cube
2013-02-23 Mock/Critque/Sug/0034 3434 not rated not rated lack of consistency of note taking
2013-02-23 Mock/Critque/Sug/0035 3535 not rated not rated don't be too distracted by radio traffic of other teams
2013-02-23 Mock/Critque/Sug/0036 3636 not rated not rated scouting worked well during extracation
2013-02-23 Mock/Critque/Sug/0038 3838 not rated not rated subject found lying on ground during winter should consider hypothermic should be gentle movement, requires carry
2013-02-23 Mock/Critque/Sug/0040 4040 not rated not rated take advantage of wait times
2014-02-17 South Castle snowmobilers/Critque/Sug/0007 77 not rated not rated Ensure searchers have required equipment to assist in making extrication easier.
2014-02-17 South Castle snowmobilers/Critque/Sug/0008 88 not rated not rated During cold weather operations consideration should be given to including a hypothermia kit with other first aid/survival equipment.
2014-02-17 South Castle snowmobilers/Critque/Sug/0019 1919 not rated not rated Share with all PCSAR members that when taking initial information from an individual to ensure that information on “Last Known Location” or “Point Last Seen” is as detailed as possible
2014-02-17 South Castle snowmobilers/Critque/Sug/0020 2020 not rated not rated Present a short 15 minute summary of the search, issues encountered and lessons learned at regular meetings
2014-02-23 CMR skier/Critque/Sug/0004 44 not rated not rated Training PCSAR members on the system including actual call out training messages
2014-04-01 Mock/Critque/Sug/0005 55 medium not rated Redo team assignment records/procedures when splitting/joining teams.
2014-04-01 Mock/Critque/Sug/0007 77 not rated not rated Define what initial information should be provided to a mock search
2014-04-01 Mock/Critque/Sug/0009 99 not rated not rated Include equipment expectations in mock announcements.
2014-04-01 Mock/Critque/Sug/0012 1212 not rated not rated Develop guidelines for designing size of goals of mock
2018-04-03 regular training/Sug/0001 11 not rated not rated practical radio skills training
2018-04-03 regular training/Sug/0002 22 not rated not rated media handling scenarios
2020-06-20 Woolford 4 year old/Critque/Sug/0019 1919 not rated not rated Some searchers noted that their own skills were rusty. It was suggested that refresher training, perhaps in the way of “short snappers” – very short, specific refreshing in a number of areas.
2021-01-09 Crowsnest Mountain fall/Critque/Sug/0006 66 not rated not rated We need better training, Mock searches in alpine terrain, become aware of each other’s capabilities and strengths.
Critiques/2009-05-05/Sug13 1313 medium not rated Discussion of degree of discretion to work outside assigned segment. Suggest need for clarification of when should talk to command post vs. decide on own.
Critiques/2009-05-05/Sug14 1414 medium not rated Suggest when spotting subject, maintain visual contact until part of party approaches. Can lose perspective as approach.
Critiques/2009-05-05/Sug19 1919 not rated not rated Suggest encourage members in field to discuss overhead decisions after search as learning opportunity
Critiques/2009-05-05/Sug20 2020 not rated not rated Suggest everyone get experience of working comms and command post
Critiques/2009-05-05/Sug21 2121 not rated not rated Suggest better learning if everyone can see handling of first approach to subject.
Critiques/2009-09-23/Sug/0004 44 high not rated Driving too fast to scene.
Critiques/2009-09-23/Sug/0007 77 low not rated We need to have more instruction for use of sat phone.
Critiques/2010-03-21/Sug/0013 1313 high not rated precise communications - track description
Critiques/2010-03-21/Sug/0016 1616 medium not rated too much radio traffic - finish conversation / standby
Critiques/2010-03-21/Sug/0021 2121 medium not rated being able to state urgency level of comm
Critiques/2010-03-21/Sug/0022 2222 medium not rated "Stand by" does not mean stop activity
Critiques/2010-03-21/Sug/0033 3333 high not rated tracking - preserve intersection and funnel points
Critiques/2010-03-21/Sug/0035 3535 low not rated Keep sharpie in pack to mark tape
Critiques/2010-03-21/Sug/0036 3636 low not rated bystanders asking questions
Critiques/2010-03-21/Sug/0037 3737 medium not rated type 1 search on narrow trail: walk 1 behind the other, 1 look forward, 1 left, 1 right
Critiques/2010-03-21/Sug/0039 3939 high not rated decision making around patient transport
Critiques/2010-03-21/Sug/0054 5454 not rated not rated more scenarios
  • on the mock
  • not more subjects
  • command post issue
Critiques/2010-08-24/Sug/0012 1212 not rated not rated Training in the use of PCES radio channels (1& 2) as well as in the “Mutual Aid” channel.
Critiques/2011-01-18/Sug4 44 not rated not rated human bone identification course
Imagelist 66
not rated
not rated

Turn on sat phone before leaving fire hall and also have someone else drive.
We need to have more instruction for use of sat phone.
Cordless phone had nearly dead batteries.

have corded phone backup
When 2 people are calling they should be in separate rooms so they don't get messages confused.
We need more call out people. Sue. N. to put article in paper to try to recruit new callers.
Call out list should be rearrange and priotized. Brett to reorganize order.
Call out list to have first call # listed first.
SPOT has problems -- can not tell if message goes through
We need to know how SPOT works - call intervals etc. Should get one to meeting and have info session on it.
Had good response. 6 members, 3 quads initially and some available for next day.
We knew lat/long of subject
We should know RCMP boundaries

part of Suggestion 17.
Fish and Wildlife, SRD, Quad Squad could have assisted
Call out didn't have list of search mgr on call

Use 5804.

Preplan/Committee/2016-05-17/Sug/0001 11 not rated not rated training on using map aspect of inReach
Training/Committee/Tasks/Own suggestions/Sug1 11 not rated not rated develop training on being a family liaison
Training/Committee/Tasks/Own suggestions/Sug2 22 not rated not rated develop training on dealing with spontaneous volunteers
Training/Committee/Tasks/Own suggestions/Sug3 33 not rated not rated develop training on dealing with media
Training/Committee/Tasks/Own suggestions/Sug4 44 not rated not rated develop training on interfacing with police

High-value, easy suggestions

# Description Person handling
Critiques/2009-05-05/Sug15 1515 Having many people approach Alzheimer sufferer likely to cause trauma
Critiques/2010-08-24/Sug/0002 22 All Search Mangers should have phone contacts for EMS ambulance in order to improve on inter-agency communication and avoid mistaken directions including Channel(s) 1&2.
Critiques/2010-08-24/Sug/0021 2121 No PCSAR team leader in the field.
Critiques/2012-06-06/Sug7 77 when teams joined on the mountain, needed clarity of who was in charge

High-value, medium-difficulty suggestion

# Description Person handling
Critiques/2010-08-24/Sug/0009 99 Subject removal and evacuation planning.
Critiques/2010-08-24/Sug/0010 1010 clarify roles and command structure/hierarchy when several agencies are involved in/responding to the same incident.

Medium-value, easy suggestions

# Description Person handling
2013-02-23 Mock/Critque/Sug/0012 1212 some searcher lights are only good enough for reading, but not searching Brett Wuth
2013-02-23 Mock/Critque/Sug/0039 3939 write SAR beside prints to indicate already identified
Critiques/2009-05-05/Sug12 1212 Suggest search areas that are difficult can be reexamined by strategically spotting from point of advantage. E.g. thick brush along creek spotted from other side.
Critiques/2010-08-24/Sug/0005 55 ensure that all drivers can back up and haul out the SAR trailer

High-value, hard suggestions


Medium-value, medium-difficulty suggestions

# Description Person handling
Critiques/2010-08-24/Sug/0022 2222 PCSAR & EMS joint training (witness a mock search). Would provide opportunity to let EMS personnel see capability of SAR.

Low-value, easy suggestions


Medium-value, hard suggestions


Low-value, medium-difficulty suggestions


Low-value, hard suggestions

# Description Person handling
Critiques/2009-05-05/Sug3 33 Merging teams can cause confusion in command/reporting structure. Suggest clear language of merging vs. working together. Suggest switch to single FRS channel for new team.

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