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  • Identify overall training needs, even before the grant is announced. link=
  • Wait for the grant to be announced. This is usually in September, but has been as early as August and as late as December. link=
  • Create a new subpage for the new year. link=
  • Copy the major subpages of that. link=
  • Upload copies of all the documents we received for the grant and link them on the "Offer" subpage. link=
  • Do a detailed comparison of this years documents with last years, noting any substantive changes, and adjusting this procedure to match. link=
  • copy the descriptions of course options link=
  • edit to match any changes from last year link=
  • review and analyse need and viability of applications link=
  • review relevant emails for actions link=
  • review courses we're already planning on running link=
  • analyze grant offerings link=
  • determine which courses to apply for link=
  • request letters of support
  • obtain quotes (or if necessary estimate) link=
  • work out budget for each course link=
  • prepare grant application link=
  • get Treasurer's and President's signatures link=
  • prepare cover letter link=
  • attach certificate of incorporation link=
  • upload files to wiki link=
  • if regional application, send to regional lead link=
  • send to OFC and SARA (, link=
  • fax second copy for surety if close to deadline link=
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