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This is a list of people interested in a Standard First Aid course. See the course description. Adding your name to this list does not commit you to attending a course. Neither does it guarantee you a seat. Rather it's used to track whether we have enough people interested to run a course. When a course of this type becomes available, sign up for it by finding it in the Calendar or the list of runnings.

[edit] People wanting this course

Add your name if you're interested.

(some of these signed up quite some time ago, so should check if still interested)
  • Janet Jones
  • Yvonne Cyr
  • Alieza Cyr
  • Char Bruder
  • Carol Lambe
  • Sue Leong-Neumann
  • Susanna McGarva
  • Ken Hatch
  • Ken Poulsen
  • Wally Toews
  • Craig Gross
  • Russell Bruder
  • Craig Hancock
  • Mike Duff
  • Cindy Mauthe
  • Brad Boese
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