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[edit] A preplan for Urban SAR

  • a list of SOP's related to Urban SAR* skills that we should have or obtain, along with the number of

people needed with those skills* equipment we should have or have access to==Tasks:==

  • review Koopman search file* seek instructional material related to urban SAR
  • Consider material from SAR Fundamentals Instructors'

course* seek examples of urban SAR preplans from other organizations* draft a list of possible SOP topics, review with PreplanCommittee* draft SOP's, review with PreplanCommittee* identify skills related to Urban SAR that will/could be needed* identify equipment related to Urban SAR that could be needed* scope the need for Urban SAR

  • how often will PCSAR typically be the primary SAR

responder* how often will PCSAR typically be a secondary SAR responder* identify the size(s) of response needed

  • do different urban SAR's require different sizes of responses?

How can they be grouped* determine the quantity of equipment and skilled personnel needed

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