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[edit] 2016-11-13

This is a Search and Rescue emergency message as of November 13, 16:30]. We have been tasked for a search for a female mountain scrambler who has fallen on Haig Ridge south of the Castle Mountain Resort Ski Hill. The type of searchers required are ground searchers, quads, rope rescue and overhead support. Searchers will be mustering at the public safety office at the Castle Mountain Ski Resort at 18:00. Check your email for details. If you need to discuss your participation, call 403-627-5804.


[edit] 2016-11-15

Boiled heat packs for 1 hour. 4 of the packs still had crystals in them. Will let cool to see if they solidify. All were solidified 7 hours later.


[edit] 2016-11-16

What are the white crystals that form in the liquid pad?

If the Thermo-Pad has been stored in its crystallized state for an extended period of time, a small amount of water can evaporate from the pad and cause the solution to become more concentrated. This higher concentration is indicated by "snowflake like" crystals in the liquid pad. The pad will still operate but at a slightly higher temperature. This water loss can be substantially reduced by storing the pad in its liquid state and may be reversed by extending the boiling times and by leaving the pad in water to cool.


When using the pad outdoors in the winter, store it under your clothes as close to your body as possible. In this way the pad will be kept warm to achieve maximum heat when activated. The warmer the pad is when it is activated, the longer it will stay hot.

Thermo-Pads will activate on their own if they are frozen. If this occurs, the pad must be recharged before use. To avoid this always store the pad where it will not freeze.

  • good explanation of how it works

Does it burn?

All of our products heat up to 130°F / 54°C when bought at our store. First degree burn is around 135°F. The product will make your neck red, but this is not burning. After the product is used once we cannot guarentee that improper use will keep our products from burning. If you feel your product is too hot to handle, soak it in water overnight. This should add water to the inside solution and dilute the products heat. Everyones tolerance to heat can be different, so if it feels too hot to handle, wrap it in a cloth to avoid discomfort.

Can I use it cold?

Yes, the product does not freeze, but, if it is left in a cold area too long, usually under 32°F, the gel inside may become so thick it will actually squeeze the coin, which will cause your product to heat up in your freezer. If this happens, do not worry, it will not melt your freezer, or the items inside. In order to return the product back to liquid state, follow the normal boiling instructions.

  • description of trigger

  • reviews for outdoor use

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