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[edit] 2017-02-05

Options for Tuesday's training.

  • don't expect many people with other events same night
    • usual crowd
  • unlikely to want to go outside, weather -19C or less.

Options: easy to put together, popular

  • PCSAR website (easy)
  • Navigation
    • map features (easy)
    • topography (popular, easy)
    • UTM (popular, easy)
    • Lat Long (popular, easy)
    • Legal Land (popular, easy)
    • map distance (easy)
    • map direction (easy)
    • triangulation (easy)
    • route selection (easy)
  • search probability theory (easy)
  • briefing and debriefing
  • first aid
    • hpyothermia
    • patient packaging
  • clothing
  • rope orientation (easy)
  • risk assessment
  • ICS 200
  • family liaison
  • leadership
  • Call-Out videos (easy)

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[edit] 2017-02-10

Thank you for contacting TELUS.

Please hold for the next available agent.
You are now chatting with Luciana Mariela
[11:28] Luciana Mariela
Hello, welcome to TELUS Small Business Sales . My name is Luciana I am one of TELUS's Web Chat Sales Specialists. How may I assist you today?
[11:28] Luciana Mariela
How are you Brett?
[11:29] Luciana Mariela
May I please have your best contact number in case we get disconnected in this chat session?
[11:29] Brett
Frustrated. But perhaps you can help me. You can call me at 403-627-2460.
[11:30] Luciana Mariela
I am sorry to hear this.
[11:30] Luciana Mariela
What happened?
[11:31] Brett
403-627-5804 is used by Pincher Creek Search and Rescue to forward calls to search managers during an emergency. It has been using Advanced Call Forwarding to accomplish that. It stopped today or yesterday, and technical support tells us that Telus no longer offers Advanced Call Forwarding. Is that correct?
[11:32] Luciana Mariela
Have you been in contact with our Care Department and they have provided you with this information?
[11:33] Brett
No, it was technical support, reached by this chat system that told me that.
[11:34] Luciana Mariela
Thank you
[11:34] Luciana Mariela
Please allow me one minute to check
[11:34] Brett
[11:37] Luciana Mariela
I am with the sales department, this inquiry is better to be handled by the Care Department at 1-800-361-3311, if you are kind enough to give them a phone call, they have the best technical expertise and they will be able to run a test or tell you exactly what the situation is in your case
[11:37] Brett
Okay. Thank you.
[11:38] Luciana Mariela
You are most welcome
[11:38] Luciana Mariela
You can also call them at 310-3100
[11:38] Luciana Mariela
Apart from this matter, is there anything else I can help you with?
[11:39] Luciana Mariela
With my sales expertise
[11:39] Brett
If we determine that Advanced Call Forwarding is not available, is there some other feature you can sell us that meets our needs?
[11:41] Luciana Mariela
We have a Voip Solution that is more complex, it is called Business Connect, works over the Internet
[11:42] Brett
Hmmm... We need a voice or touch tone interface to change the call forwarding destination (because during an emergency, there's not time to get to a computer or necessarily data service available to use a smart phone). Would Business Connect be able to do that?
[11:44] Luciana Mariela
Business Connect among other features has included Call Forwarding Automatically forward calls to multiplephone numbers, can be sequential or simultaneous, define the number of times it rings before forwarding.
[11:45] Brett
Not quite what we're looking for. We need to be able to set it to one singular destination, but be able to change that destination at our will, remotely.
[11:46] Luciana Mariela
The Business Connect Premium solution contains: 	A Toll Free number that has included 1000 minutes monthly  Auto-attendant to never miss out on a call : this will act like a virtual secretary that will manage the calls, redirect the calls to any desired department or phone number 	Unlimited nationwide minutes , unlimited Canada-US minutes 	IP Fax : this means you will be able to receive faxes in the format of an email and simply reply to them from the email address ( this saves you money on the paper for the fax machine, maintenance cost of the machine ) with unlimited usage  You have over 35 calling features such as : Call forwarding , Line parking , Call waiting, Voicemail to email, Recorded greetings, Business hours of operation, Voice manager, Individual voicemail, Call Display, Call Waiting, Call Flip, 3 Way Calling and many more like: 	Call Monitor, Call Whisper, Call Barge, Call Take Over 	Multi-level IVR  Automatic call recording** 	HD Voice 	Video Conferencing up to 25 users/meeting (Premium) You have audio conference and video conference included also. All this comes packaged under one service for only $60/month for the main line with your own internet access/ mobile data/ Wi-Fi Each additional line that you want to add will come at only $40/month per line, have in mind that this is a Voice Over IP line, not a simple limited copper line. In order to better see how easy this solution is to manage and operate, I am also including a demo link , where you can play around and see the features and how you manage the phone system :
[11:46] Luciana Mariela
You will have a Voice Manager that will allow you to set up the number you want the calls to be forwarded to
[11:47] Luciana Mariela
I will send you a demo link
Luciana Mariela
[11:47] Brett
Thank you
[11:49] Luciana Mariela
That is the most complex solution we have and that is on the market, its the future of Telecom
[11:49] Brett
Thank you, please give me a moment to look through the demo.
[11:49] Luciana Mariela
If you go to phone system you will see that you can set up Call Forwarding
[11:49] Luciana Mariela
No worries, take your time
[11:51] Brett
When I click on "How do I... Set up call forwarding", it doesn't display any information. Can you refer me to the manual or help pages?
[11:53] Luciana Mariela
I will send you another link, will it be OK ?
Luciana Mariela
[11:53] Brett
Luciana Mariela
[11:54] Luciana Mariela
And this is the user guide
[11:55] Luciana Mariela
Kindly go to page 37
[11:57] Brett
It appears to only have a web interface to change the call forwarding destination. We need something that can accomplish this by having a person call in remotely and use voice or touch tone. Am I misreading it?
[11:59] Luciana Mariela
I see
[11:59] Luciana Mariela
You mean that you want an actual person to answer the calls?
[11:59] Luciana Mariela
And that person to forward the call to another number?
[12:00] Brett
No. We need some way of changing the call forward destination that doesn't require a computer or smart phone.
[12:00] Luciana Mariela
The solution can work on your landline, but you must have internet connection
[12:01] Luciana Mariela
And you will need an IP desk phone
[12:02] Brett
This doesn't sound like it addresses our need. Is there any other call forwarding feature that you can sell us? Something that allows us to change the call forwarding destination remotely?
Luciana Mariela
[12:03] Luciana Mariela
Those are the phones I was telling you about
[12:03] Brett
I see. I'm not sure how they are addressing our need.
[12:03] Luciana Mariela
This is the only solution that can replace the Call Forwarding wireline traditional feature
[12:04] Brett
I see, and Call Forwarding wireline tradition feature has no way you can change the call destination without being at the associated phone set?
[12:08] Luciana Mariela
No, but you can do that with the Auto-attendant, for example press 1 for the accounting department, press 2 for sales, press 3 for emergency with Business connect
[12:10] Brett
That won't work, because the person calling won't know which one is available: Press 1 for search manager A, Press 2 for search manager B, etc. Which one is actually handling this emergency?
[12:11] Luciana Mariela
I see
[12:12] Luciana Mariela
I will do more investigation from my side
[12:12] Luciana Mariela
Let's exchange e-mails and I will have a follow up with you
[12:12] Luciana Mariela
And see exactly how we can work around it
[12:12] Brett
Thank you. You can contact me at
[12:13] Luciana Mariela
In compliance with the Canadian Anti-Spam Law, I would just like to know if you would like to receive updates from TELUS business solutions on special offers, trends and tips on business topics? If you sign-up and then no longer wish to receive it, you can unsubscribe at any time.
[12:13] Brett
No, I'd rather not receive those types of messages.
[12:14] Luciana Mariela
While I check from my end I will kindly ask you to also call the Care department and see if the actual features is not available because I dont have the credentials that the care department has to check myself and I will search for a solution that will suit your needs
[12:15] Brett
Thank you. I'll do that
[12:15] Luciana Mariela
Basically you need that when a person calls a number the call to be forwarded to multiple phones and which ever phone is available to pick it up ( managers for emergency)
[12:16] Luciana Mariela
Have I got it right?
[12:18] Luciana Mariela
When I will have an answer I will reach you also on your number 403-627-2460
[12:18] Brett
No. I need that when the person calls the number it forwards to a specific and single phone of the search manager that is currently handling the incident. However, at any time we can change the destination for the next call to a different search manager. The process to change the the forwarding, should not rely on using a computer or smart phone to make the change.
[12:18] Brett
Yes you can reach me at that number.
[12:19] Luciana Mariela
I will provide you as soon as possible with a resolution
[12:20] Brett
Thank you
[12:20] Luciana Mariela
I will ask our best technicians and get to the bottom of this
[12:20] Luciana Mariela
You are most welcome, it is for a good cause
[12:20] Brett
I appreciate your help
[12:20] Luciana Mariela
It is truly my pleasure

CRTC review of the issue.

Supposedly we got a letter in February stating service was proposed for discontinuation. CRTC approval

Called "Enhanced Call Forwarding" by Verizon

documents: has an API for changing configuration. The portion of the API related to reading DTMF is in beta, may not be accessible. Could have select from menu of common numbers to forward to or use web interface to manually change to arbitrary number when needed.

Telus land line does not seem to have web interface to change forwarding.

Telus mobility also does not have a web interface to change forwarding.

Shaw does have a web interface to change forwarding.

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#SuggestionReferred to
0001equipment shed lock freezingequipment

see 2017-02-23

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