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[edit] Subject

What is this lesson plan about?

This lesson plan is to orient PCSAR members to using the PCSAR website.

[edit] Authors

List who wrote this lesson plan.

[edit] Scope

What is included in this lesson, what's not and why.

[edit] Objectives

At the conclusion of this lesson the participants:

  1. will be able to find the Pincher Creek SAR website
  2. navigate to the wiki

[edit] Time Plan

Total Time: ?? minutes

Treasure hunt:

  • What is the next SAR event coming up?
  • What's a business that offers a deal to our members?
  • How many incidents did we have to 2011?
  • Who's on the Call-Out Committee?

Logging in

  • "Demo User"

manually changing password for those that don't have access to their email:

  • pcsar:/home/wuth# php /usr/share/mediawiki/maintenance/changePassword.php

Info you can get when you're logged in

  • How much of a discount does Mountain Equipment Coop offer members?
  • Your own membership record


  • Mark your attendance

Time Material


3 min

Introduce topic title

Introduce Instructor

Present Objectives


Finding the PCSAR web site

  • start with browser that is not logged
  • google for "Pincher Creek Search and Rescue"
  • bookmark

First Page:

  • LCC class project, Jake Waiboer
  • first pages are for different audiences
    • Emergency - if this is an emergency
    • General Public - info on search and rescue
    • Members - information for our members
    • Tasking Agencies and other SAR groups - info for them
    • Photo gallery - photos (old)
    • Supporters - how to support
    • wiki - viewer editable pages, largest part of content

XXXX skip Walk through static content

  • Emergency
  • Members

static vs. viewer editable pages

  • static -> ask Brett to change
  • user editable -> you can change
  • wiki - Hawaiian for "quick"
  • XXXX skip wikipedia
    • quick side excursion to see in separate tab
    • look up Pincher Creek
    • make trivial edit
    • an encyclopedia that everyone can contribute to
  • same software use for our website, different subject "All about PCSAR"

Getting to the wiki

  • wiki link
  • recognizing that you're on the wiki
    • sunflower
  • other ways in, static pages lead to wiki - e.g. Calendar

What's on the wiki?

  • vast majority of our information
  • Special pages > statistics
  • 250+ major pages
  • 1,500+ files
    • includes pictures, scanned records


  • using the navigation box on the left
    • Main Page
    • Current events -> calendar
    • search
      • search for rope rescue
      • compare search for quad
    • following links from the main page
      • Where would you find information about our current jacket purchase?
      • follow link to information on jackets


  • determine that Jacket information is dated
  • What should it say?
  • walk through making changes
    • edit tab at top edits page
  • show how to confirm edit when not logged in
  • spam bots try to automatically add spam to our web site. They're not smart enough to figure out this question.


  • history tab
  • see who made what changes
  • undo changes
  • this mechanism is effective no malicious changes in 8 years (aside from spam)

Creating page

  • add link on Main Page about new subject e.g. Quads
  • editing a section using "edit" on right
    • how the horizontal section line is confusing - edits section below the line
  • page names go in double square brackets
  • red links to pages that don't exist yet
  • fill in some sample content

restricted content

  • try unsuccessfully to review critique notes
  • logging in
  • finding your user name
  • have password e-mailed to you
  • switch to logged in browser
  • sucessfully review critique notes

restricted content

  • editing your membership record
    • add current meeting to my membership record

[edit] Aids

What materials are needed or useful in presenting this lesson.

[edit] Question bank

List of questions suitable for an review/exam of this section.

Q: Name a reason you might go to the PCSAR web site.

Q: How do you get to the PCSAR web site?

Q: How do you get to PCSAR's calendar?

Q: What is a wiki?

Q: How do you search for something on the wiki?

Q: How do you add something to the PCSAR wiki?

[edit] Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the questions that students typically ask. Include the answers.

[edit] Feedback

When has this lesson been presented. What was the feedback.

[edit] License

What can others do with this lesson?

Copyright © 2012, Brett Wuth. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 Canada License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, 559 Nathan Abbott Way, Stanford, California 94305, USA.

[edit] Reference Material

If you need to cite sources, do so here.


[edit] Notes

Any additional notes, etc.

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