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[edit] H2S Alive Training

Shell is offering free "H2S Alive" Training to SAR, Emergency Services, Municipal, RCMP, SRD, and Volken Stevin workers.

During a municipal emergency, as part of Pincher SAR's Civil Emergency Response role, Pincher SAR may be asked to:

  • assist in evacuation of homes in an affected area
  • assist in manning road blocks
  • assist in evacuation of campers in an affected area

All of this only would be done if our members are not being put at risk.

During a regular search, SAR members may be

  • searching along a pipeline right of way
  • near a sour gas facility.

This training will allow you to recognize safe and unsafe environments and how to use emergency equipment to protect yourself. The certification you will receive will allow you to work at a sour gas facility.

Students should dress in non-constricting, comfortable and casual clothing.

Shell is offering training on these dates:

Pick the date you want, and sign up below. If the date is full or cancelled, we'll let you know.

If you have any questions, contact Brett Wuth.

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