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When a new Administrator comes on board they should be given an orientation and walked through some initial steps.

  • Review the contract; discuss any changes; arrange to sign it. link=
  • Create record for the new person in the Personnel Database (or update if they are already there) link=
    • update details of personnel record
  • Update /home/wuth/sar/pc/membership/bin/print-queue-email link=
  • process the personnel database to update the mailing lists and wiki privileges link=
  • Add new Administrator to the Sysop group of the wiki so they can delete pages and files link=
  • Remove the old Administrator from the Sysop group link=
  • verify that they are receiving messages to pcsar-board (check spam filter) link=
  • verify that they receive messages to pcsar-members (check spam filter) link=
  • Review the Role Description. This is the principal document from which the Administrator determines what to do. Work that is outside the job description should be approved by the President or Board. If it is of an on-going nature, it should be added to the job description. link=
  • Show where physical files are kept: Fire Hall cabinet, Equipment shed. link=
  • Provide post office box key link=
  • pass over current files; outstanding mail link=
  • make "Change of Position Holders" updates reflecting new Administrator link=
  • discuss common difficulties of working for a board. Report to board as a whole, when meeting as a board, not to individual board members. Report to President between board meetings. link=
  • provide with administration password link=
  • orient to the wiki link=
  • orient to EMail Lists link=
  • point out our letterhead link=
  • orient to Preparing minutes link=
  • orient to General computer skills link=
  • orient to Policies link=
  • orient to Financial information on the wiki link=
  • orient to Quick Books Online; provide access link=
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