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  • Jan 24-Feb 5: agree as a committee what we are looking for; prepare job ad.
  • Feb 6-7: place ad in paper(s); distribute to our members; forward to prospective candidates.
  • Feb 6: Ad in kijij
  • Feb 7: Ad in the Voice
  • Feb 14: deadline for applications
  • Feb 15: Ad comes out in Echo
  • Feb 15-17: review applications, select short list for interviews
  • Feb 18-24: interviews as can be scheduled; after last interview committee decides on recommendation
  • Feb 24-Mar 3: Susanna away
  • Feb 28: special board meeting to approve contract offer to candidate (perhaps we can do this via e-mail if the rest of the board is comfortable).
  • Mar 1: New administrator starts with help of Susanna.
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