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This page is for any extra information PCSAR has to provide to those applying for the role of PCSAR's Administrator. Information that didn't make it into the advertisement. Please check back here for updates.

Please note that the role has been filled.

We thank all the candidates for the time and effort you put in into your application and your patience with and participation in the selection process.

We wish you the best fortune in your endeavors.

Our current deadline to receive applications is September 26.

All applications will be acknowledged by email as having been received. If you have not received an acknowledgement within a couple of days, please resubmit.

Please let us know where you read about or learned of our opportunity. We want to understand where our ads are most effective.

Expectations for your home office include phone, computer, Internet, printer and scanner. We rely heavily on using our organization's wiki for record management. You'll need routine access to high speed Internet in order to upload scanned files.


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