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== Accessing the system ==
== Accessing the system ==
See [[Members:Contact/RapidNotify/Call-Out]]
See [[Members:Contact/Rave/Automated Alert System]]
* {{subpage|Templates}}
* {{subpage|Templates}}

Current revision

PCSAR has an automated call-out system, Rave (previously RapidNotify), where a computer simultaneously dials the members and plays a message alerting them to the event. Texts and e-mails can also be sent.

[edit] Accessing the system

See Members:Contact/Rave/Automated Alert System

[edit] Deployment

  • (done) set up Rapid Notify subaccount
  • (done) automate updating from call-out list
  • set up logins for call-out personnel, managers
    • (done) Brett, Sue, Pat
    • (done) Janet, Eric, Claus, Bryan
    • (done) Ron
    • Olga, Mavis, Roy
  • train call-out personnel, managers in use of system
    • (done) Brett, Sue, Pat, Bryan
    • (done) Janet, Eric, Claus
    • (done) Linda
    • Olga, Mavis, Roy, Ron
  • offer Rapid Notify course to call-out personnel, managers
  • (done) develop standard message templates
  • distribute info to members on what to expect, how to use
  • test with each member; identify numbers that should not be called by automated system
  •  ? develop cheat sheet for call-out people (or managers)
  • develop process to acquaint new members with system

[edit] Options

Two offers to piggy-back on existing systems were made.

See Options

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