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[edit] Status of this document

This document is official. This document has been adopted by the board at the 2020-06-02 meeting. It can be amended at any board meeting.

[edit] Attending

Quorum was achieved.

[edit] Meeting

[edit] Call to Order

The meeting was called to order Igor Grujic at 1812. Sabrina Ryans recorded minutes.

[edit] Agenda

Moved by Igor Grujic, seconded by Nata de Leeuw that the Agenda be adopted as presented. Carried.

[edit] Minutes

Moved by Igor Grujic, seconded by Nick Morantz that the minutes of the 2020-04-07 board meeting be adopted as presented. Carried.

[edit] New Member Applications

  • Action: Sabrina to follow up with Lucas Gurba in regards to his criminal record check.
  • Action: Sabrina to update the membership package.
  • Action: Sabrina will contact those who took SAR Basics in Feb 2020 to see if they are interested in becoming active members.

[edit] Incidents

COVID response line: Very few calls have occurred to date. There is a concern that we may be seeing volunteer fatigue. Nata will be discussing possible changes with Lynn, to reduce hours and response time.

Board sees a potential rise in incidents if Parks, etc are open.

[edit] Administrator's Report

  • Action: Igor Grujic and Brett Wuth to update the Administrator's contract.
  • Action: Igor Grujic to meet with Sabrina to review her past year of work.

Sabrina has completed getting set up with LawSin Accounting. Documents will be electronically uploaded monthly by the administrator to a secure dropbox.

[edit] Financial

  • Action: Sabrina to get minutes from last month to ATB to set up signing authority for Denis Hache by Wednesday May 5, 2020.

Moved by Nick Morantz, seconded by Igor Grujic that the Financial Statements be accepted as information. Carried.

Moved by Igor Grujic, seconded by Nata de Leeuw that payment of $866.45 to 645858 AB Ltd. for administrator's services for the period of March 16 to April 15, 2020 be approved. Carried.

Moved by Nata de Leeuw, seconded by Igor Grujic that payment of $1516.22 to the Town of Pincher Creek for the 2020 Insurance be approved. Carried.

Moved by Nata de Leeuw, seconded by Nick Morantz that payment of 1345.18 to InfoSat for 2020 sattelittle communication be approved. Carried.

[edit] Functional Area Reports


  • Nata de Leeuw is now going to be the main contact for the phone line from the board.


  • Nothing to Report


  • Sabrina to call a meeting for the Training Committee meeting for May, to discuss training plan and options during current COVID-19 restrictions.


  • nothing to report


  • Action: Sabrina will contact Norm Keeler to see if any major equipment replacement is coming up, as we consider the use of funds for Casino money.
  • Action: Nick will contact Arc'teryx to obtain a detailed quote so that the board can decide on whether to buy uniform jackets.
  • Action: Sabrina will forward the current uniform policy to the Board for review.


  • nothing to report

Technical Rescue

  • nothing to report


  • Action: Sabrina will follow-up with Lynn and Norm Keeler regarding meeting to audit.


  • nothing to report


  • nothing to report

[edit] Action Item Review and Update

Covered during the meeting.

[edit] Strategic Planning

A discussion was had regarding the messaging by SAR AB that no insurance coverage will be offered for illness or death occurring from COVID-19 transmission during a tasking. Concerns were raised that smaller organizations are feeling left to come up with policies or procedures with little or vague assistance, during a time of likely tasking.

  • Action: Board will reach out to larger SAR organizations in AB for assistance on developing a policy, and to assist with making a policy for our local group. Nata will contact Calgary SAR. Igor to contact LASARA. Denis to contact RCMP & Waterton.
  • Board will be meeting in 2 weeks to discuss findings.
  • Moved by Nick Morantz seconded by Igor Grujic that PCSAR will respond to tasking requests for searches where social distancing (as per AH guidelines) is possible, but not engage in rescues until a policy and procedure for mitigating the risk of spread of COVID-19 while engaging in rescue or first aid is developed and implemented. Carried.

[edit] Adjournment

Moved by Igor Grujic, seconded by Nata de Leeuw to adjourn.

  • Meeting was adjourned at 1945.
  • Next Board Meeting: May 19, 2020 at 1800hr via GoToMeeting.
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