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[edit] Document status

Is this document a draft? Official?

This document is APPROVED. It was adopted by the Board of Directors at the February 17, 2015 board meeting. It can be changed at any board meeting.

[edit] Position description

Summarize what the role does within the organization.

Makes sure that the search and rescue group is running as efficient as possible while providing support for the President.

[edit] Responsibilities

List the major areas of responsibilities.

The Vice President is in part a training role for a person who plans to become President. Many of the responsibilities of the Vice President are to develop the skills and knowledge to take on the role of the President in a future term or when the President is absent.

To the degree required by Alberta law, assume share legal responsibility for the actions of the organization. To protect the board member, the organization maintain Officer and Director Errors and Omissions insurance and an agreement with the province the limits conditions under which the society can be successfully sued.

  • Work closely with the President
  • Remain informed of the President's activities
  • Learn the President's process for completing work
  • Take opportunities to perform some of the President's duties (such as chairing meetings)
  • Assist the President
    • Keeping and leading meetings when the president is unavailable to ensure that they are running smoothly.
      1. Listening to the board.
      2. Showing a strong leadership
      3. Listening and keeping peace between members.
    • Getting items done and moving forward at a good pace.
    • Keeping an eye on the press/public
      1. Includes letting them know about training and what is happening.
      2. In essence promoting the group.
    • Talking to different SAR groups and other services such as the Fire, EMS, police, parks etc.
    • Keeping in touch with all members

The Vice President is the primary lead in making sure the organization's committees and policies are functioning as intended

  • Monitors that each committee understands its mandate, has the resources it needs, and is working effectively
  • Encourages all committees to report regularly to the board
  • Reviews the effectiveness with board established policies

Prepare the way for the next Vice President

  • Document what the Vice President learns, in a way that a future Vice President will be able to use

[edit] Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, Time

List what knowledge, skills, abilities and time are required or desired.


  • expect to contribute approximately 6-8 hours each month
    • a board meeting of 1 hr
      • followed by training of about 2 hours, which you're encouraged to attend
    • about 2 other board meetings twice a year of about 2 hours = approximately 1 hr/month
    • follow up work from the board meeting: 1 hr
    • coordinate with President: 0.5 hr
    • liaise with committees: 2 hr
    • miscellaneous: 0.5 hr


  • able to use the internet and be able to text or phone people
  • able to talk to people
  • able to use the wiki
  • understands the roles of all committees
  • understands all board policies


  • Skills in SAR such as a couple years of different trainings
  • Experience being on a committee
  • able to take advice and give it

[edit] Resources

List what the organization supplies to help the person in this role.

  • Officer's Errors and Omissions liability insurance coverage
  • The Vice President is able to consult with:
    • past vice-presidents
    • board members
    • committee chairs
    • members.
    • other groups
    • our SAR Alberta regional representative
  • The Administer
  • the wiki
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