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Regular meetings are the first Tuesday of every month. The board meets 18:00-19:00; regular members are encouraged to attend. The general membership meeting starts at 19:00 and typically takes about 15 minutes. Non-members are welcome. Regular training starts immediately afterwards and lasts to about 21:30.

Most meetings are at the FireHall, but we sometimes meet in the MDMeetingRoom.

September 4, 2007, Tuesday18:00 board meeting. 19:00 general meeting and monthly training. Training this month is radio usage. Instructor: BrettWuth. All welcome.November 10, 17, 24, December 1 (Saturdays)Our SAR Fundamentals course will start in November. If you don't have your provincial certification, please sign up. The dates are tentatively 4 Saturdays in a row, November 10, 17, 24, and December 1. There's still some flexibility in dates, so if not all of these work for you, let me know and we might be able to make some changes. There's an urgent need for more members. If you know of anyone who might be interested in Search and Rescue, please encourage them to sign up before the course. Members from other organizations are welcome. Contact: Brett Wuth <>, 627-2460.---

If you're not a member of PCSAR, please subscribe to the announcements mailing list so you will get notices of changes in events. []

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