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Most meetings are at the Fire Hall, but we sometimes meet in the MD Meeting Room or the Town Hall Gym.

If you're not a member of PCSAR or the CRG, please subscribe to the announcements mailing list so you will get notices of changes in events.


[edit] Other calendars

[edit] Repeating events

Regular meetings are the first Tuesday of every month at the Fire Hall. The board meets 17:30-19:00; regular members are encouraged to attend. The general membership meeting starts at 19:00 and typically takes about 15 minutes. Non-members are welcome. Regular training starts immediately afterwards and lasts to about 21:30. The Training Committee meets immediately after the regular training for about 15 minutes.

The 3rd Tuesday of every odd month, the Preplan Committee meets 19:00-21:00 at the Fire Hall.

Rope Rescue practice is the 3rd Thursday of every month 19:00-21:00 at the Fire Hall.

[edit] January 2020

Tuesday January 7

[edit] February 2020

Tuesday February 4

Wednesday-Friday February 12-14 1st block of SAR Basics course

Wednesday-Friday February 26-28 2nd block of SAR Basics course

Thursday February 27 Mock Search.

[edit] March 2020

Tuesday March 3

[edit] April 2020

Tuesday April 7

[edit] May 2020

Tuesday May 5

[edit] June 2020

Tuesday June 2

[edit] July 2020

Tuesday July 7

[edit] August 2020

Tuesday August 4

[edit] September 2020

Tuesday September 1

[edit] October 2020

Tuesday October 6

[edit] November 2020

Tuesday November 3

[edit] December 2020

Tuesday December 1

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