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[edit] Status of this Document

These minutes are draft. They have not yet been adopted at a CRG General Meeting.

[edit] Participants

In Attendance: Brett Wuth, Nick Morantz, Denis Haché, Igor Grujic, Pearl Kersey, Lynn Keeler, Jacinthe Fontaine, Sabrina Ryans, Celesa Horvath, Nata de Leeuw, Dan Della Vedova, Jake Foster, Lucas Gurba, Kara Kulak, Alec Curtis.

[edit] Call to Order

The CRG Annual General Meeting delayed from 2021, held online via GoToMeeting, was called to order by Brett Wuth at 19:01 on April 6, 2021.

Quorum was established. Minutes were recorded by Brett Wuth.

[edit] Voting

Moved that all present may vote. Carried unanimously.

[edit] Chair

It was noted that the Pincher Creek Search and Rescue AGM was being conducted along side the Community Response Group AGM. To ease the process of having two similar meetings, a common chair was desired.

Moved by Celesa, seconded by Nick, that Brett Wuth be the common chair for the PCSAR and CRG meetings. Carried.

[edit] Agenda

It was proposed that the draft agenda be amended to include an item of inducting new members.

Moved by Lucas seconded by Pearl that the agenda be adopted as amended. Carried.

[edit] Induction of Members

Moved by Igor, seconded by Nick, that Kara Kulak be inducted as a non-operational member of PCSAR. Carried.

Moved by Lucas, seconded by Nata, that Dan Della Vedova be inducted as a member of the CRG. Carried.

[edit] Minutes

Moved by Nata, seconded by Nick, that the minutes of the November 5, 2019 PCSAR Annual General Meeting be adopted as presented. Carried.

Moved by Sabrina, seconded by Lucas, that the minutes of the November 5, 2019 CRG Annual General Meeting be adopted as presented. Carried.

Moved by Nick, seconded by Igor, that the minutes of the March 3, 2020 PCSAR General Meeting be adopted as presented. Carried.

[edit] PCSAR President's Report

Igor Grujic presented an oral report.

Igor thanked the many people that kept Pincher SAR functioning as it and we all were stressed by the pandemic.

There were 16 incidents last year. Personnel were dispatched to the field in about 8. These numbers are about twice as high as previous years. We anticipate numbers to stay high as new people enter the backcountry due to the pandemic.

[edit] PCSAR Financial Report

Brett Wuth offered an apology for his absence during the pandemic response.

Sabrina Ryans presented the financial statements.

Moved by Nick, seconded by Lucas, that the 2019-2020 Financial Statements be received as information. Carried.

[edit] Auditors Report

The auditors have not yet had a chance to conduct the audit but the membership will be emailed when complete.

[edit] Questions and Answers

A question was raised about what has happened about the ideas brought forward during the recent critiques. Brett reported that we use an independent critique chair who prepares a report including all the suggestions for improvement. These are forwarded to the board and the identified committees. The preplan committee has reviewed the suggestions referred to it, prioritized them and started to develop a work plan on the highest priority. The board has not yet been able to consider the suggestions, but will likely start to address at the next meeting. All suggestions are recorded on the web site under the critique for the incident, and members can track the discussion and action on individual suggestions. Nick noted that there has been individual discussions on specific suggestions, including the development of an alpine specialty team and creating an online platform for learning.

Brett was asked about his involvement on the SAR Alberta board. He reported that he was recently re-elected as the Deputy Director for the South Region for a two year term. He returned to the board a few years ago in order to make sure that there was a voice on the provincial board for teams like Pincher SAR. Historically the perspective of rural teams like Pincher SAR have at times been missing at the provincial board resulting in policies that have a significant adverse effect on our team.

[edit] Elections

Moved by Lucas, seconded by Nick, that Sabrina Ryans act as Elections Officer. Carried.

Results as follows:

It was noted that the CRG election results were:

  • CRG President: vacant.
  • CRG Secretary/Treasurer: vacant

The PCSAR board will follow up on the vacancies with the CRG members.

[edit] Committee Volunteers

The following people offered to join or continuing on various committees:

[edit] Discussion / Motions from the Floor

Brett and Lucas reported on the proposed merger with Crowsnest Pass Search and Rescue. The anticipated time frame if it proceeds is late summer. We expect to report back to the membership before approving changes.

[edit] Adjournment

Moved by Lucas, seconded by Sabrina, to adjourn. Carried.

Short 5-minute general meetings are held at the start of the regular training at 19:00 the first Tuesday of every month. Regular training has not resumed due to the pandemic.

The next Annual General Meeting is scheduled for November 2, 2021 at 19:00.

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