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[edit] Critical Stress Preplan

The Critical Stress Preplan should contain

  • an assessment of our team's typical/likely future needs for CISM
  • a proposal for how best to supply our future CISM needs
  • identification of outside resources that are available
  • scoping of the need to have some (or all) of our members trained to what level
  • SOP's for handling Critical Stress For example, what conditions should trigger consideration or activation of CISM resources.

There may be additional content that should be part of the Critical Stress Preplan

[edit] Tasks

  • Scope out what should be in the Critical Stress Preplan* Estimate our possible need for CISM* Propose a method for meeting our CISM need
  • possibly identify outside resources that can meet the need* possibly identify training/recruiting goals for our own members
  • Propose SOP's

[edit] Preliminary work by Will Voth and Roy Davidson, 2006-02

at present, we will need to rely on what anybody knows about CISM. We all have some understanding from Fundamentals but the Search Managers need to be mindful of the need for CISM on any incident where it even MIGHT be a factor. We can then call on Will or other resources through Victim Services or RCMP or other.

Any search or other incident might give rise to the need. Obviously, something like ... is a non event. The ... search, on the other hand, even though it was a non event when we shut down, could even have triggered something in some of the searchers who had been there. This one really affected me, but not for the usual SAR reasons. I didn't feel I needed anything in the way of formal CISM but talked lots with .... For me, that incident had more to do with useless waste of life and teen drinking than the SAR thing. Anyway, we need to be aware that almost any incident can give rise to a need.

[edit] Propose a method for meeting our CISM need

In house - Will and maybe Bob Costa. Other agencies - Victim Services, RCMP, Emergency Services, Alberta Mental Health

[edit] possibly identify training/recruiting goals for our own members

our conclusion was that at this time we probably don't need anything in house. There are enough people trained with other organizations that maybe we can do without it at this time. We are pretty closely affiliated with some of the groups who are best equipped.

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