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*** can practice developing leadership
*** can practice developing leadership
*** can have SOP
*** can have SOP
* importance: low
* Low Value
** difficult: hard
** difficult: hard

Revision as of 03:42, 19 May 2010

  • Suggestion #3:
Committee handling: unassigned
Value to PCSAR mandate: not rated
Difficulty to implement: not rated
Merging teams can cause confusion in command/reporting structure. Suggest clear language of merging vs. working together. Suggest switch to single FRS channel for new team.
    • preplan 2009-05-19
      • need clear language of team designations, designation of combined team
      • need clear designation of combined team leader
    • preplan 2010-05-18
      • overhead team can make effort to always have team leader designated
      • can practice developing leadership
      • can have SOP
  • Low Value
    • difficult: hard
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