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Suggestions coming from the March 21, 2010 critique regarding the March 20 mock search and the March 7 avalanche response.

Pincher Creek SAR routinely performs a critique after a Search and Rescue incident in order to learn what should be done differently or the same in the next similar incident. Critiques are not about criticism but rather about learning. They are normally chaired by a Search Manager that was not involved in the incident. The suggestions that are brought forward through the critique process are presented in this report.


[edit] Participants

[edit] Rough notes

[edit] Suggestions

#SuggestionReferred to
0001define level of responseunassigned
0002clarify purpose of taskunassigned
0003on-call person to have call-out list on person - program cell phoneunassigned
0004+ delegate to other
    • Transfer of command, but didn't let people know.
0005+ immediate notification by RCMP, ramp up resourcesunassigned
0006orient new RCMPpreplan
0007wait before rushing to maximize prep time
  • we're stood down often
  • unassigned
    0008be prepared for call out at any timeunassigned
    0009develop a preplan for incidents during trainingunassigned
    0010+ had comms between different training sitesunassigned
    0011stage people at the sceneunassigned
    0012+ feed into the search manager info from Family, without taking time out from the searchunassigned
    0013precise communications - track descriptiontraining
    0014+ field communicationpreplan
    0015be clear on understanding - confirmunassigned
    0016too much radio traffic - finish conversation / standbytraining
    0017Team request of by radio for command post, told to stand by, and then forgotten.unassigned
    0018turn radios off/down at CP
  • concern about family
  • feedback
  • noise
  • unassigned
    0019level of detail of patient status
    • privacy
    0020+ had multiple forms of communicationunassigned
    0021being able to state urgency level of commtraining
    0022"Stand by" does not mean stop activitytraining
    0023Reports to distinguish types of tracks, footprints vs. sledspreplan
    0024getting the stretcher out of the SARCAR was difficultunassigned
    0025Have equipment out and readypreplan
    0026Tied up manager b/c was making sure the trailer was thereequipment
    0027include area overview in briefingunassigned
    0028+ teams deployed quickly
  • teams got out quickly when they were tasked.
  • unassigned
    0029avalanche: briefing "scattered"preplan
    0030chain of command unclear, adhocpreplan
    0031use white boards to adapt to different arrival timesunassigned
    0032listen to your TLunassigned
    0033tracking - preserve intersection and funnel pointstraining
    0034accountability process (vehicles, houses, etc.)preplan
    0035Keep sharpie in pack to mark tapetraining
    0036bystanders asking questionstraining
    0037type 1 search on narrow trail: walk 1 behind the other, 1 look forward, 1 left, 1 righttraining
    0038reinterpretation of assignment. when does a clue become a change of assignment? Could you change assigned search type without confirmation from command.unassigned
    0039decision making around patient transporttraining
    0042never split team returning from fieldunassigned
    0043don't leave until releasedunassigned
    0044facilitate vehicle access to search sitepreplan
    0045develop medical response plan at Command Postpreplan
    0046use people that know the area, even if familyunassigned
    0047assess outside EMS capabilitiesunassigned
    0048check who was qualifiedunassigned
    0049assign task through central ptpreplan
    0051balancing priorities with multiple subjectsunassigned
    0052+ family liaisonunassigned
    0053Nobody should leave until everything is packed up to go. Don't leave until released.unassigned
    0054more scenarios
  • on the mock
  • not more subjects
  • command post issue
  • training
    0055use the best equipment -> index criteriaunassigned
    0056get stuff ready sooner, incl. vehiclepreplan
    0057identify & communicate CPunassigned
    0058identify & communicate who's in charge (Incident Commander)preplan
    0059visible identification (vests?) - responderspreplan
    0060+ accountability at hillunassigned
    0061Had radio reception, but no phone reception. use mountain safety office.
  • Knowing in advance where good facilities are at CMR - e.g. command post.
  • unassigned

    [edit] Committee / Organization

    The suggestions are being passed on to the indicated organizations/committees for their consideration. We recognize that not all suggestions may be appropriate, and some may already have been implemented.

    PCSAR Board

    Mandate Relevant to Incidents:

    • Overall ability of PCSAR to accomplish its mission.
    • Organizational policies
    • Relationships with Tasking Agencies and Fellow Responding Organizations.
    • Financing, budget

    suggestions identified: none

    Tasking Agency

    Mandate Relevant to Incidents:

    • Overall legal responsibility for incident.

    Suggestions for the Tasking Agency are passed through the Board.

    Fellow Responding Organizations

    Mandate Relevant to Incidents:

    • Response to incident in accordance with their individual mandate and ability.

    Suggestions for fellow responding organizations are passed through the Board.

    PCSAR Preplan Committee

    Mandate Relevant to Incidents:

    • Expertise in search and rescue.
    • Standard Operating Procedures for incidents.
    • Post incident critique, review and follow-up.

    suggestions identified: 6, 14, 23, 25, 29, 30, 34, 44, 45, 49, 56, 58, and 59

    PCSAR Equipment Committee

    Mandate Relevant to Incidents:

    • Obtaining and keeping equipment ready.

    suggestions identified: 26

    PCSAR Call-Out Committee

    Mandate Relevant to Incidents:

    • Respond to First Call from Tasking Agency
    • Contacting members during an incident.

    suggestions identified: none

    PCSAR Membership Committee

    Mandate Relevant to Incidents:

    • Recruiting members.
    • Tracking members contact information, skills and equipment.

    suggestions identified: none

    PCSAR Training Committee

    Mandate Relevant to Incidents:

    • Training members.

    suggestions identified: 13, 16, 21, 22, 33, 35, 36, 37, 39, and 54

    PCSAR Technology Committee

    Mandate Relevant to Incidents:

    • Technology support

    suggestions identified: none

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