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Suggestion #21: No PCSAR team leader in the field.

Committee handling: training
Value to PCSAR mandate: high
Difficulty to implement: easy

Original issue was "A bear had been seen before, but not all knew that a bear was in area." but the root cause was that a safety briefing was missed, in fact there was no briefing, because there was no team leader in the field.

Happens a lot when we are working with other agencies. Lack of our leadership when we work with PCES. We assume they will do it.

First member that arrives should assume leadership for our organization.

How to coordinate between 2 different agencies.

Who know that the bear was there? SRD knew? There's always a bear in that area. Was it a risk?


  • Train senior PCES in SAR approach.
  • General training - every team needs a leader.
    • Renew training for all members, including senior members, that whenever together must identify a team leader.

Reviewed at 2010-11-16 Preplan meeting.

Preplan 2012-09-18

  • refer to train committee
  • lesson: every time you approach a group and its not obvious who is in charge, ask explicitly "who's in charge?"
    • if you get an ambiguous answer, ask for precision
    • encourage our partners to be explicit, clear cut
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