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[edit] Editing

[edit] How to publish

Place everything on web site:

  • Handle scanned file:
 * check for badly named files:
   find -iname '*.pnm.gz' | sed -e 's|.*/||' | grep -v "^doc"
 * Decide what to crop:
   find . -name '*.pnm.gz' -print | grep -v '.xvpics' | sed -e 's/.*/echo -n & ""; gunzip <& | pnmfile/' | bash | sort -n -k 7
 * Update all PNM files (doesn't handle old ones 'revision'):
   find . -name '*.pnm.gz' -print | grep -v '.xvpics' | grep -v 'revision' | sed -e 's/^/pnm-to-website /' >doit; bash -x -v doit

  • Handle OpenOffice documents
 * e.g.
   openoffice-to-website doc-98-printer-photocopier-supplies/doc-98-printer-photocopier-supplies.sxw 
  • add references to new documents
 xemacs -nw /var/www/pcsar/documents.html
 sxw-links '99' 'printer-photocopier-maintenance' 'Printer/Photocopier Maintenance'
  * check each link
  * creat discussion wiki page
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