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[edit] Document status

Is this document a draft? Official?

This document is a DRAFT. It has not yet been approved by the Board.

[edit] Position description

Summarize what the role does within the organization.

The Gaming Proceeds Manager develops and oversees a plan that meets AGLC requirements and Board goals for the Use of Proceeds from casinos. The Gaming Proceeds Manager is a volunteer assisting the Treasurer; if it is not filled the responsibilities fall to the Treasurer and may be delegated to the Administrator as fits their role descriptions.

There is a related but separate role of Casino Chairperson. Both roles may be undertaken by the same person.

[edit] Responsibilities

List the major areas of responsibilities.

  • Understand AGLC policies on the Use of Proceeds and explain them to the Board, Treasurer, Administrator, Equipment Committee and Training Committee as needed
  • Act as a co-signer on the Casino Account in accordance with Board authorization
  • Ensure that transactions on the Casino Account meet AGLC requirements
  • Working with the objectives set by the Board, propose a plan for Board approval for the use of Casino funds within the alloted time
  • Monitor the execution of the plan and report periodically to the Board through the Treasurer
  • Ensure all reports required by the AGLC are prepared on a timely basis
  • Prepare any additional documents required by the AGLC for particular uses of proceeds (such as engaging an instructor, or requesting an extension)
  • Liaise with AGLC staff
  • Enable others to continue or build on your work as needed
    • Deliver to the Treasurer/Board any recommended changes to this Role Description
    • Create or update a manual of tasks, deadlines and strategies for this position.
    • Ensure all correspondence and communications is archived in an accessible manner
      • Provide and use contacts based on PCSAR's virtual office - e-mail, phone and postal
      • Forward to the Administrator for archiving, copies of e-mail and paper correspondence received and sent or archive it yourself on the wiki
    • Share your experiences with the Treasurer/Administrator and others that may take on this role in the future
  • Attend meetings with the Treasurer/Administrator and/or Board when required.
  • Report any anticipated difficulties in meeting AGLC requirements to the Treasurer/Administrator/Board on a timely basis.

[edit] Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, Time

List what knowledge, skills, abilities and time are required or desired.

Time: ?


  • Familiar with AGLC requirements (training available)
  • Detailed-oriented, to meet the AGLC's exacting policies
  • Financial skills
  • Able to monitor a budget and report on it.

Nice to have:

  • Previous experience volunteering at an AGLC casino

[edit] Resources

List what the organization supplies to help the person in this role.

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