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[edit] Booking

Meeting location, date, time and duration.

Pot Luck Social

Annual General Meeting

Tuesday, November 7

PC Fire Hall

18:00 (6 pm)

Please come out and visit with friends, enjoy great food, catch up on what has been happening with PCSAR and what is envisioned for the future.

This is a time to celebrate 22 years of providing organized search and rescue services to our community. Thank you to all who have been so generous with their time and skills over the past years. And let us welcome those who are taking up the mantle for SAR in the future.

Guests, friends, family, past members and members of other groups all welcome. We'll keep the meeting content to a minimum.

[edit] Participants

List who should participate and indicate for each person whether they've been invited, have confirmed or declined, and attended.

[edit] Agenda

Purpose of meeting or detailed agenda.

[edit] Handouts

Any related documents distributed before or during the meeting.

[edit] Minutes

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[edit] Expenses

Receipts related to the meeting.

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