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Status of this Document

These minutes are in draft form. They have not yet been adopted at General Meeting.


In Attendance: Brett Wuth, Matt Lynch,Bill, Susanna MacGarva, John MacGarva, Frank Melo,

Call to Order

Called to Order at 19:00 on November 7, 2017-11-07.

Quorum was established. Minutes were recorded by Rose Bonertz.


Motion: Moved by John MacGarva, seconded by Frank Melo that the Agenda be adopted as presented. Carried Motion For Brett Wuth to Chair combined meeting. Moved by Brett seconded by Matt Lynch

Presidents Report

Due to provincial requirements Pincher Creek Search and Rescue has been divided into two groups, Pincher Creek Search and Rescue and Community Response Group. This is the new platform on which to rebuild our volunteer base. We have 22 years of organized Search and Rescue in our community and we would like to thank all the volunteers for their dedicated service. Pincher Creek Search and Rescue has had great support from the Town and Municipality as well as Shell because of this support we should be able to run some very good courses this year such as Wilderness First Aid, Avalanche etc.

Financial Report

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