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Notifications need to be started second week in October to garner interest in running for positions. Need pro-active approach by Membership Committee. Media notice should be included under Shell Community Calendar. Perhaps plan a rope rescue exercise or something for those members who are able to attend earlier in the afternoon - around 15:00. (dp)


[edit] To do

Each AGM, these things need to be done (and some others not yet added to this list):

  • (Administrator for Board) Attend AGM
    • (Administrator for Treasurer) distribute Financial Statements
    • (Administrator for Audit Committee) distribute audit report
    • (Administrator for Secretary) distribute last year's minutes
    • (Administrator for Secretary) record minutes
    • (Administrator for Board) run elections
  • (Administrator for Secretary) produce minutes

[edit] Contact members

Each member should be called:

  • Potluck/Celebration of our 20th anniversary/AGM at 18:00 (6pm) Tuesday November 3 at the fire hall
  • Can you attend?
  • Will you bring guests?
  • Are you getting monthly e-mails? (So we can figure out if we have a problem contacting people)
  • When did you last participate? (So we can determine if we have stale members that need to be removed from the list. Members need to participate at least once a year to maintain membership. Coming to this event will count.)
  • Are you willing to run for office?
    • President - leads the business end of the group; deals with other organizations
    • Vice President - fills in for the President
    • Secretary - meetings and record keeping; mostly delegated to the Administrator
    • Treasurer - financial; mostly delegated to the Administrator
    • Director at Large - attend board meetings; minimal other duties
  • Are you willing to help out?
    • Membership Committee - keeping members involved, recruiting new members, social and fun stuff, member records
    • Preplan Committee - planning how we should respond in searches; all Search Managers expected to participate; others welcome
    • Training Committee - arrange monthly training, courses, outside training opportunities; don't have to instruct to be part of committee
    • Equipment Committee - maintain our equipment, plan new purchases; keep things charged and ready to run
    • Technology Committee - website, phone call-out systems, satellite technology
    • Call Out Committee - notify members of searches, coordinates their arrival; work from home
    • Fund raising committee - apply for grants; speak to funders; Casino
    • Audit Committee - review the books and report to the membership once a year; should be independant of board
    • Technical Rescue - plan and train for rescues that require special skills - rope rescue, swift water
  • When was the last time you participated? (For determining whether people are still members. They have to had participated in the last year.)

Checksheet for calling each member: PCSAR Doc-124 AGM Phone Check Sheet

[edit] Sample agenda

  • Welcome and thanks
  • Sign-in
  • Motion: That all present may vote. (Must be unanimous)
  • Motion: to appoint meeting chair. (common for SAR group, CRG)
  • Motion: accept minutes.
  • President's report
  • Financial statements
    • Auditors' report if available
  • Elections
    • SAR President
    • SAR Vice-President
    • SAR Secretary / SAR Treasurer
    • SAR Directors at Large
    • CRG President
    • CRG Secretary
  • Call for committee members
    • Membership, Preplan, Training, Equipment, Call Out, Fundraising, Prevention, Technology, Technical Rescue, Audit
  • Discussion/motions from the floor

[edit] Documents

Have at the meeting:

Bring copies of

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