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How 911 calls will reach us

[edit] Discussion

Our current call-out system is summarized here

For a sketch of how it works, you can see the illustration.

Basically the call goes from 911 to a Tasking Agency. The Tasking Agency can call either 627-2262 or 627-5804 and get either STARS Link Centre or the On-Call Manager.

From the perspective of a Tasking Agency, you should only need to remember two numbers: 627-2262 and 627-5804. If you need us, call either number and request we be activated. It's our intention that these numbers never change. The standard information we publish on what PCSAR can do and how to reach us (the above 2 numbers) is at: [1]

As I say the call-out system isn't perfect. It is the best solution that we've found that balances:

  • reliability (always being reachable)
  • redundancy (no single point of failure takes out the system)
  • updated (changes in personnel and phone numbers are easily absorbed)
  • speed (from first call to response should be 10 minutes or less)
  • cost (our monthly fees are reasonable)

If you're using both 627-2262 and 627-5804 and not finding the qualities you expect from our call-out system, we want to hear about it so we can fix it.

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