Medical Preplan Committee


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The Medical Preplan Committee is a sub-committee of the PreplanCommittee.


[edit] Members

  • Jill Bruder
  • Richard Kennedy
  • Russell Lee
  • Dave Lindfield
  • Pat Neumann
  • Brett Wuth

[edit] Terms of Reference

  • report to the Preplan Committee
  • recruit committee members such that the committee contains:
    • a search manager
    • a PCSAR member with high level of medical training
    • a member who has taken the recent Wilderness First Aid course (from which many recommendations came)
    • PCSAR members with strong opinions on PCSAR's medical preplan (in order to have consensus before issues are brought to board or member level).
  • recommend Standard Operating Procedures related to medical issues during operations
  • recommend equipment to be held by PCSAR and by its members
  • recommend skills that some or all of our members should have

[edit] The following issues have been refered to the Medical Preplan Committee

[edit] The following issues are completed

They are listed here in case the MedicalPreplanCommittee wants to revisit its work.

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