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[edit] Keys

The key for the cab door is in the work area, immediately to the right as you enter, stored on a hook. There is a separate key for the cab door and the ignition (marked).

[edit] Checklist

There is a checklist on the passenger seat on clipboard. Use it.

PCSAR Doc-60 Driver's Log

[edit] Starting

The automatic transmission must be in "N" (Neutral) to start the vehicle. There is no "P" (Park).

[edit] Parking Brake

The parking brake is a large yellow square-handled control to the bottom right of the steering wheel. Push it in to release.

While the engine is running pull it to engage. It uses a hydraulic assist on the brakes. (Not sure I have the right terminology.) You may feel it push back on the brake pedal when you use it. A buzzer will sound if the parking brake is engaged while the engine is running. This is a reminder to release the parking brake.

Because the vehicle uses hydraulic assist, many people think that you require a Class 3 license to drive it. We've checked, and because it's a parking break, you only need Class 5.

[edit] Parking

When you park the vehicle,

  • Pull out the yellow-handled Parking Brake while the ignition is running (you'll hear a buzz)
  • Turn off the ignition
  • Put the Transmission in D (Drive).

[edit] Refueling

We refuel at Petrocan at the east end of Main Street. The card to use the pumps is kept on the clipboard.

[edit] Auxiliary Controls

See Center Console

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