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[[Media:PCSAR Doc-112 Personnel Record.pdf|here]].
[[Media:PCSAR Doc-112 Personnel Record.pdf|here]].
== Expense Form ==
You can print the pdf expense form [{{PCSARweb}}mem_docs/doc-068-invoice.pdf here].
== WCB Form ==
== WCB Form ==

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Welcome New Members!

This page provides our New Member Package.

A hard copy is available and can be found in the membership binder which is at the regular meetings.


Recruitment brochure

You can print out our pdf Recruitment Brochure from this link.


Basic information

Fitness and Well-Being Policy

Media Policy

Public Relations Policy

Personnel Record

You can print the pdf personnel record form here.

WCB Form

A WCB registration form hasn't been uploaded to the wiki yet, get that from the Membership Binder.

See Office of the Fire Commissioner/WCB Registration

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